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Bayonetta review
by treesniffingzombie

It's mind blowing how brilliant this game is. Almost every aspect of it is pitch perfect. The only thing I have issues with are its sudden instakilling quicktime events, but those aren't so common. Bayonetta is up there in one of the best games I've ever played. 
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»

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Completed as of writing this review: Base Game with some optional things.

Bayonetta is easily one of the best hack & slash games out there in existence! It's fast, relatively fair, challenging, and most importantly fun. The graphics are top-notch for their time and probably the reason why the PS3 port struggled with this game. The plot can be a bit confusing, but eventually, you can figure it out in the end. Besides, there are many funny gags along the way and that's what I adore about this game and its sequel - It's just fun and entertaining! It knows when to be serious and it knows when not to be.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Best played on the Nintendo Switch! 
sexy gun witch kills angels.  how are you not already sold?
Devil May Cry but with a more bizarre, more likeable main character. One of the first pure action games I really had a love for. Every setpiece battle is just bigger, resulting in some truly amazing endgame content that simply blew my mind.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
The game is too hard, not enough healing items, otherwise a good game for sure
the QTEs ruined my experience with the game
I played it on Normal

I also had a screen tearing issue in the PC version
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Microsoft from Deutsch
So then I stop my Mustard to the Game ... I would have to have reached about half of That now, and I think it should be enough for a Review now ... Actually, I could have written one from Chapter 1, because the Game is just Awesome ^^ I don't really know where to start ... Let Me start with the Things that leave me Relatively cold ... The Story ... I have about 6 Hours behind me now, and I still don't really know what in the Game actually goes xD Everything a bit confusing and very Japanese if you ask me ... But that's not bad. The most important thing about the Game is the Gameplay and the Flow of the Game ... Man o Man I don't know how sure I had so much Fun with a Hack and slash last time ... I just think that's all True here, whether it's the unfathomably large Gun selection, or the Dodging mechanics that have simply been Perfected here thanks to Witch Time ... I'm even of the opinion that no Other Game has encouraged me to learn all the Combos ... And that may mean something ... ^^ Wem Bayonettas occur a little, I would like to warn you about that here ... It doesn't get any better:D Feminists should play better Mass effect andromeda I can actually only recommend everyone to try the Game, and for £9.99 this is now the perfect time to use
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I am one of those who were able to experience Bayonette for the first Time. Always heard a lot about it, but never played or watched videos about it. Did me honestly fall in love with this Game. Am a big Fan of DMC 1 and 3 and this Game gives me exactly what the newer DMC couldn't give me. Over the Top Action, Zig Combos, cool Story, great Main Character and next to Characters. It just fits it all together. The Port is pipifein. 60 Frames go through for me on the highest Settings. You can see that the Game has some Years under its belt, but it doesn't do anything to the Point because it's not ugly now. There are dozens of Things to be found, in every Episode Challenges to discover And damn ... Some of these are damn exhausting. To find some you need a guide, at least if you don't want to search for Hours like an Idiot in the fight against. Opponent Variation leaves a little to be desired as there are not too many different things now. Some even look the same and the Difference lies only in the "Strength." That's a little minus point, but I just Know about DMC. Time whites also play the Camera against one and you put hits that you didn't see what contemporary white Very annoying one should try to get a Platinum rank in every Episode. Yes, in every Level, in every Fight you get a Rank. The Combo, how long it takes and how much Damage you have plugged in then decide on it. (Stone, bronze, silver, gold, platin) Likewise, there are some Levels of Difficulty, so there are enough replays worth playing. (Habs personally now once On Beginners through and once Normal with all level on Platinum) You get new Weapons on the go, you can buy new Skills in the Shop just like countless other Stuff. Anyone who is on Over the Top Action can't go wrong with the Game.