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Bayonetta 2 review
by treesniffingzombie

Compared to the first Bayonetta, this one runs more smoothly and looks much better (and doesn't have any godawful QTEs), but it also doesn't quite have the same charm. The story is equally confusing, but it doesn't really have the same sense of ridiculous humor that made the first game so amazing. It's also a short game that's perfectly content with ending when the credits roll - whereas the first game awesomely REFUSES to end. 

Bayonetta 2 is ultimately a lot of fun - it's more of that quick, challenging beat-em-up action that plays so well - but it tries to be more serious and that really bugged me. 

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Super kino, fun combat and a good OST
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The most high-octane, balls to the wall hack-n-slash I've ever played and the most fun I've ever had button-mashing in a game that does sexiness absolutely right. Another masterpiece from Platinum Games. 
Action game excellence
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A simple exercise in sequel perfection. A mirror image of the first game, Bayonetta 2 maintains the breackneck pace and bizarre antics of its predecessor without missing a beat, despite the jump in platforms.
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The first game was fun but not that memorable for me, the combat was great and beautiful but the story was more of an excuse for the characters to do things, this game surpasses every aspect not by much but is pretty much the same but better, which is not a bad thing. The game's length is about 12 hours long but feels more like 4, this game doesn't waste its time or yours, the combat is so addictive and the challenge is good on normal difficulty but if you're more sadistic you can try harder difficulties. The sexiness and all that stuff is also there as over the top as ever so that is also a great thing, my only issue is that the music is not that memorable as the last game but is just a personal issue I think, overall I recommend it to every Wii U / Switch owner, as this kind of games are rare threat nowadays.
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«Can’t stop playing»