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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy review
by GameItAll

I cannot think of a single fighting game, that is not a simulation, that does not have some form of Fan Service. Whether it be skimpy clothes, crazy proportions, or even an over-use of sweat, oils or water, Fighting games is a huge culprit in this and frankly that isn't a problem. Some of the most memorable characters in any fighting franchise are those who define the Fan Service standards gaining them plenty of love and adoration.

However, it's not usually the Fan Service that makes the characters memorable, something that I feel that SNK, the creators of great fighters like Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, has dropped the ball on when it comes to their latest release - SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy pits Thirteen of SNK's famous female fighters, and one male fighter that gets a magical sex change, into a strange pocket dimension controlled by the perverted Kukri. He organizes a tournament to allow the heroes to escape with the losers joining his sand sculpture collections.

The story gives you just enough to make sense of why you're seeing Mai dressed up in a cow bikini and why the characters are fighting each other to a new 2 on 2 rules, but that is it. The story mode can be cleared in about 30 minutes or less and doesn't do much to reward you for taking the time to fight. There is some comedic dialog between the characters and every combination does change some cutscenes up slightly, giving you enough to replay it and be entertained for that short amount of time. The rest of the modes you can expect from SNK Heroines are about as basic as you can expect. Players can do basic VS battles with a friend or against the computer, or take on waves of enemies in Survival or take their skills online (something unfortunately I was not able to do during the review.)

Those who were expecting the deep Fighting Mechanics that SNK is known for will definitely be upset. Controls are confined to light and heavy attacks, grapples, and a special move button. Two button fighters are not we haven't seen before but it feels like the combat has been more streamlined to be a much more casual and friendly to those who don't play fighting games. Attacks and specials are modified with the use of the directional buttons, while blocks and tags are done via bumper commands.

The weirdest choice for the game is the lack of a crouch or lower strikes. It's an odd design choice as pretty much a basic function in fighting games and would probably have helped the game retain some of the deeper combat that it's missing.

That doesn't mean that the combat isn't good, combos and some strategy is still required to link combos with various tags and special abilities still require some amount of work, but the layout makes it much easier to button mash and win. Still, if you're playing a fighter with someone who may not be an enthusiast or attempting to get a younger sibling into the genre, then it serves as a great multiplayer title.

What helps is the game's unique health and stamina system. While basic attacks can be done at will, special strikes uses stamina, the sacrifice to this is that special strikes do a lot of damage and help extend combos, but the more a character's health depletes the more stamina they get in return. Matches end when a character's health drops to the red and a finishing move - Dream Finish - is used to defeat the opponent.

Still there are problems here. Tagging out does not replenish the health of the fighters but rather just the stamina, and matches end when one of the characters is knocked out. Aside from making new combos and switching moves, it feels like there is no reason for the game to include the Tag function that really benefits the other players.

If you're the type that enjoys playing dress up, then there is plenty to do here. Each character has 3 costumes can be purchased with in-game money earned by completing the story and matches. The costumes include each character's classic outfit as well as some sexy or exotic pieces, partner up with some add-ons and you can really make the character stand out in multiplayer.  This, along with various unlockable items from playing the story is where most of SNK Heroines replay value comes from.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy is honestly a bit of a disappointment in the eyes of a veteran fighter especially coming off of the high that was King of Fighters XIV. If you're looking for something along the lines of a brawler that would be great at parties or to throw in when you want to introduce people to the genre, then Heroines is a fine time killer.
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Microsoft from Spain
It is Not a KOF, it is not an SF, it is more like "Pocket Fighter" (even easier), super easy controls, freneticos movements, it is SUPER CASUAL, it is fun to play with friends who never played the saga, but for fans of the competitive I do not recommend it.