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Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice VR Edition review
by Moran_Melian

Have included this one in 'PS4 VR' catalog although it's not on PS4 VR yet.
Well, still this game looks amazing so I'll be waiting for it here :)
Too sad there are only few good games settled for VR by now....

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free I just say: MEGA GEIL!! First Time THANK YOU THANK YOU THAT we as main game Buyers got the VR Edition for free. Such Gifts are no longer a matter of course today. My first Impression is just absolutely mega. I play with VRidge/Riftcat, Samsung Gear VR and the S8+ and the Quality is outstanding as far as the mobile Phone allows and runs super liquid. Just mega!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Hellblade: Senua'S Sacrifice Sends Celtic Warrior Senua searching the mystical World of the Vikings to save Your Lover's Soul. Senua not only stand in the Way of some Creatures and Warriors-even the seemingly never-stopping Voices in Your Head make life difficult for Her. Senua suffers from Psychosis-and the Game lets the Player witness that. There's no Question about it, even the "normal Edition" of this Game is very convincing. Now the Virtual Reality Edition is complete (free for Buyers of the normal Edition, by the way). Control: I have taken a Somewhat sceptical view of the Fact that no Motion Controllers are supported. I really like the Motion Controllers of the HTC Vive-which is why I would have liked support at the first Moment. I Was quickly taught a better one-the Control with a Game Controller works absolutely impeccably and in my Opinion it is also more useful. Immersion does not detract from the control that, by the way, takes place in the Third-Person Perspective. At The Touch of a button, the Headset is centered, you can look around freely and turn around quickly with the Gamepad. Depending on Your Mood, it is possible to play standing or sedentary. Graphic: We see a compelling mystical World ... Protensive Landscapes ... Shining Sunshine, roaring Rain, knee-deep Mud, dense Fog, mighty Thunderstorms .... This also looks very good in VR, in my Case on an HTC Vive. Sound: The binaural Sound surrounds us perfectly and allows us to accurately locate. What I find most impressive is that the Sound on a good Stereo Headphone comes into Its Conclusion: Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice VR is an impressive Gaming Experience. In My Opinion, everything was done right in the "VR Edition." Control, Flow of Games, special Comfort Options against possible motion scickness-everything is there. There is no Disadvantage to playing the VR Edition. On the Contrary, you get the Opportunity to be "felt" right about it, at Senua and Your great Adventure. Immersion succeeds perfectly. It Is to be hoped that Manufacturers of other well-known Titles will take an Example in this VR Implementation and provide VR updates. Maybe more games of this Quality Will join our VR library. Chapeau, Ninja Theory!