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Crazy Taxi (1999) review
by Uneducated_Reviews

After jumping on in the game, the first thing that you'll do the next is pick up an NPC and take them to their destination, find another one and repeat forever and ever, the challenge is that you have a timer that keeps going down, you'll earn some time every time you "deliver" an NPC to their destination, the faster the better. So Crazy Taxi it's a pretty straight forward arcade game, and is up to you to decide when to quit it, this version has a mode in which you can complete several challenges, like jumping certain distance with your car, they're uninteresting, to say the least, but after that, is only you and your ability to deliver NPCs. The controls are OK, but it has an awful reverse system that works more like a real car and also has some delay, so it gives you a lot of annoying moments.

Crazy Taxi can be fun if only for brief minutes, maybe if you're an arcade lover maybe you'll find some worth in this game, but definitely is not for everyone and it can be boring pretty quickly.
«Waste of time»
«Reviewers bribed»

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Wild driving mechanics, nostalgic banger soundtrack and excellent challenge levels
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