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Monomals review
by jj

I have to recommend this game for it's concept alone! Equal parts puzzle arcade game and music maker. You play as a fisherman, who is also a DJ and your job is to catch the "Monomals" - these are little hidden musical creators. Each Monomal you catch is a different sound (drums, bass, lead) that you can use to create music. Finding Monomals isn't as simple as casting a line though. You have to complete puzzles in the form of moving blocks, finding the right paths, and collecting items...all while avoiding the bad guys.
Once you have a bunch of Monomals, you can enter the "Maker" mode. Here you to use the sounds of the different Monomals you've caught via a standard sequencer. The tools are impressive and anyone whose made any sort of music like this will feel right at home. You then compete with other DJ's who are also making songs with their Monomals. 

My only gripe is how hot my phone gets when playing. No other game has demanded so much of my iPhone 11 Pro to the point that it gets this hot! Regardless, this is a game you _must_ try if you like making music and collecting animals.
«Blew my mind»