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Five Rooms review
by Frenkie0403

This puzzle game takes place along a corridor of 5 rooms from wich you have to exit.
It could be good but it's made quickly and has some problems.
These problems are:
  The oscillation is too high and makes walking unreal.
  There is no tutorial for commands or a menu tab that explains, basically you have
  to arrange yourself.
  Fortunately, they are the usual commands of most games and are intuitive.

  There are 5 slots but I never had more than 2 or maybe 3 slots occupied at the
  same time and even if I wanted it's not be possible.
  It isn't a big issue but there is no reason to put so many slots.
 MOUSE CURSOR (It may not be a problem with the game but with my PC)
  When a message or the terminal interface appears in foreground sometimes the
  cursor doesn't do the same;
  for example I press Esc and Menu comes out without cursor.
  If you are in the wrong place (on the table behind the big clock), you get stuck if
  you click on the object that open the secret door at the right of
  the room.
  If appens you have to restart the game from the firts room or try to
  unstuck yourself and continue from here (I tryied but in my opinion it's

Furthermore the graphics are ugly and the animation of the rotating blades is even worse.
Other thing that make this game bad is the price totally not whort it (3.99€/4.99$).
In my opinion it could be bought when 90% discounted in order to pay what you will play.