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PickCrafter review
by Frenkie0403

The best clicker game I ever tried.
It's not too difficult and can keep you glued to the pc from the first click (or not).
It has many features like passive/active skils, biomes, chests (like Clash Royale), upgradable items that increase points when you don't click, bosses and more.

- Seasonal events
- Frequent updates
- Has Steam Cards and Achievements
- Possibility to sync game progress with related mobile app
- Many languages
- Only 150 MB
- It's free

- Game progress is not always correctly synced across PC and smartphone
- Italian language is not properly correct, seems traducted with Google (it may have been fixed in recent updates)

In conclusion it's a great game for the genre, if you never played a clicker and you want to feel the thrill of carpal tunnel this game is for you.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
My Review of PickCrafter PickCrafter is a Minecraft based clicker game. Created with the popular Graphics Engine Unity, it uses SOOMLA for In-app purchases. PickCrafter is also available for iOS devices or Android. And now for PC/Steam. Pro ▪ Developer makes an Effort to answer players ' questions ▪ Free ▪ 92 Achievements, with some being very heavy or very time Consuming ▪ 16 Biomes and countless Blocks, Pickaxes, Progress Tree with further Skills for the Player, Idle and The Chests ▪ Steam collectible cards ▪ German As well as another 6 languages are supported ▪ control is very easy you just need the Mouse for this Game Contra ▪ events Such as the Winter Event are way too heavy because, the Droppet rate of the Items is far too low and far too rare Are ▪ In-app purchases for 4800 Runic cost 99.99€ ▪ Runic Are the Coins in the Game you get far too rare ▪ The Idle or if the Game runs in The background is also a Joke also a joke also too few Blocks are Faded ▪ None built-in AutoClicker in the Game ▪ This Game is t very bugged ▪ Events are playable only once a Year, it is not possible with date and Time Change to change this, as it is always often claimed in the Forum I do not recommend this Game any further!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
"Recommended audience: ☐ I will not advise this game even to my worst enemy ☐ children ☐ fans of the genre or franchise ☐ casual gamers ☑ all audiences ☐ public savvy ☐ hardcore gamers ☐ the South Korean PGM ☼ for fun ☑ don't require friends ☐ site a friend or two ☐ requires three friends ☐ requires more than four friends ☼ graphics: ☐ to vomit on the ground ☐ very bad ☐ bad ☐ correct ☐ good ☐ very good ☐ beautiful to cry (when everything is in ultra) ☑ for people fan (tuning) retro ☼ quality/ price: ☐ you'd have to pay me to play it ☐ wait for a promo ☐ affordable ☐ cheap ☐ at this price it's gift ☑ free ☼ getting started ☑ innate (just cliker) ☐ easy ☐ requires a few hours ☐ difficult ☐ requires the installation of a new arm € duration of life ☐ shorter than a fly ☐ Breve ☐ several hours ☑ several dozen hours (for those who spend 10-15 min each day) ☐ several hundred hours @ translation level ☐ not translated ☐ translated by a Spanish cow ☐ a lot of errors ☑ NI ckel ☐ translated in all languages ☼ recommended PC configuration: ☑ mobile game ☐ the computer to my grandmother ☐ entry-level ☐ mid-range ☐ high-end ☐ a NASA PC § bug ☐ the game is a kind of big bug in Terminal ☐ the bugs gene the gameplay ☐ the bugs do not bother the gameplay but are present ☑ some bugs (nothing notable apart rare textures bug) ☐ the game is coded to perfection% optimization & update ☐ really bad ☐ bad ☐ acceptable ☐ correct ☑ Optimus Perfectus ★ gameplay : ☐ I prefer the scrabel evening with my grandmother ☐ FedEx quests (recover X objects, kill X mobs) ☑ Mouai it's funny 5-10 min (about every 3H) ☐ it goes I could play some good hours ☐ I could play it for hours in a row! ☐ I stop my work, my studies for this game! * General notice ☐ do not play ☐ at your own risk ☑ to try ☐ do not waste more time and play! ☐ A must!