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Mafia III review
by Андрей Рощевкин

Mafia III got so rich potential that sinked in a toilet waters of repetitive gameplay and shit-piles of reusable locations. The whole 70-s setting is so abundant, but game developers don't allow us to even touch it. Your options are limited with only two general actions: 1. Kill everyone 2. Kill everyone and steal a car. That's it. No options for forgery, blackmails, bribing cops to arrest someone or poisoning your target.

Why, I ask you, why I couldn't reach lieutenants and capos not only with my rifle, but with their families, with lovers, with their weird habits, which are so suitable for blackmailing? And what's the point of re-hiring the informator? 

Where are hippies? Where is disco? Where are other Vietnam veterans, with after-war depression? Where are Black Panthers? Where are ordinary black people, who don't want to be rebels? Where are celebs on cocaine? Where are first mentions of future AIDS epidemy of 80-s? Where is first man on the moon? What about cops brutality?

With all the «business» opportunities you got during the game, it could be interesting to make your own moonshine or marijuana blend, have some love-affair line, make some shopkeeper change his mind and took away the «No coloured allowed» plate. The list could be endless.

To be honest, I'm on the middle of the game still waiting Mafia III will give something more than only two options.
«Buggy as hell»
«I could make it better»

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I bought this game because you kill a bunch of KKK dudes, and yet you don't kill enough to make up for the mediocrity that is apparent in every aspect of this game.
After the first two chapters, I expected a lot. It’s not the case btw...
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
Repetitive, buggy. Boring after a while.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
soooo stretched out, had a potential to be a fantastic game if devs would focus on making a let's say a ~15hr game like sleeping dogs, but seems like TakeTwo needed a big game so...
«Disappointment of the year»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
I Would like to share my Opinion about Mafia 3 with you. First Of all: I am a big Fan of the Time when the Mafia acted and am also a Fan of the story of the Mafia. Mafia 3 is for me, not only the worst Mafia game of the complete Series, but also the worst OpenWorldGame so far. I was able to complete the game 100% including all Side Quests as well as Collectable objects. 1. Graphic The Graphic in Mafia 3 leaves a lot to be desired. It offers dreary Visibility, no special Effects, except the Sun, which is reflected far too starkly so that it is already unusual. Compared to the Previous Version Mafia 2, this Game has not gotten any better Graphically. 2. Hud & Gameplay The Gameplay in Mafia 3 is more like GTA 4 or 5. It feels great through the open World to be able to travel anywhere during Missions. However, I believe it is the wrong Way for Mafia. You play in 3. Person View like the last Parts and the Control is poorly implemented for the PC. If that's because of The Porting of Console to PC. Personally, I connected a Controller to be able to play the Game well. I haven't had to do that at any Game of this Nature. I think driving is great in Mafia 3. In Simulation Mode, which you can turn on via the Options, driving feels more real. The Cars strike out more often and you have to really watch out with it. 3. Missing Elements Although some new Things have been added to the Game, such as quietly turning off Opponents, I do not have the old, common and everyday In the Game. For example-No Police at too fast speed-No Police when Crossing red Lights-No more Refuelling Of the Vehicle possible-Weak police (at all Levels of difficulty) 4. Music Who creates a Game of the 60s, must also have the grandest titles of this Keep Time ready. This is Exactly what Mafia 3 does. It is great to hear Songs known on The radio That everyone knows and bring the Charm of the 60s closer to the game 5th story The Story of the Game is interesting at first And almost stops after the "Introgameplay" so to speak and there is little Intermediate information coming. The Information you get is not particularly informative or helpful. You don't even know exactly what relationship some Relate to Each other in. So far, I can hardly arrange this tangled waringly:/ The overall Game is about "Sal Marcano," which is introduced as a Villain at the Beginning and it is Important to Turn it Off. The Story remains unspectacular, like the Characters it contains. Worlds between Mafia 1 and 3. A Number of Deteriorations??.. 6. Missions On the Way of the Story we get Main, as well as Side Missions. The System is always the same and after the 2-3 Mission you don't want to continue playing. -Main missions ... Break Business X ... Break Business Y ... Kill Dealer X when you have done that comes the Boss of the Lower Quarter and it is important to kill him (I pay extra time to kill in an Estate where you have already turned off all The enemies before) and then take over the Business. A Quarter consists of 2-3 Shops. When all the Shops are taken over, the Ruler of the whole Neighborhood comes and then you have to take care of him. That's the Scheme for each of the Neighborhoods across the City. -Side missions Also these are always the same ... claw Boot X claw Truck Y-etc. Monotonous, boring and hardly Any Storycontent. 7. World The whole Game takes place in New Bordeaux, a Copy of New Orleans. Beautifully designed, detailed and quite large. Many Buildings are also walkable, whether that makes Sense or not. Unfortunately, I lack the Flair of Time. 60s come far too short. Almost every Corner looks the same to me and no Place is so distinctive that It is attributed to recognition value. I have noticed very often that some Buildings lacked objects that would have been necessary. For example, I found an Ashtray on a Table, but the Table was invisible, so to speak. Unfortunately, this was not a rarity. 8th End of the Game I may not reveal anything, but the End may or may not be interesting .. There are 3 Endings, have played at least 3 Ends and none was so stunning that I could highly praise the Game. 9. Conclusion I like the Game. I enjoyed It. Aaaaber ... It is important to work more in the Direction Of Mafia Theme and also Fun if part of the Series is to come out. It's Playable, you can get a Picture of it for yourself. For me, the Game is a very big Disappointment as I am a fan of this Time and style. That's Why unfortunately "Thumbs down ..."
It's not exactly ground-breaking or even all that polished, MAFIA III has tight shooting mechanics, a very, VERY, engaging story with great acting/writing, and an absolute SWEET soundtrack.

That makes it worth it.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»