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Confess My Love review
by Christian Elbrianno

Playing this doujin game is like reviewing my sad past when all girls turned down my confession in every possible excuse.
«That ending!»

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Usually not a fan of RPGS, games giving the impression of having been made under RPG maker or themes a little manga oriented and targeting mainly the weaboos, confess my love had seemingly nothing of the game made by me. But after completing all the different ends, I absolutely regret not being tempted by this little Pearl free. Confess your love! The game follows the story of little Willie, a high school lover of his comrade Liza. The goal of the game is simple, you must confess your love to Liza. The game takes place in one piece, but there are in all 20 different endings to unlock that progressively advance the story. And if you have the courage to go to the end, you discover an incredible fall that will certainly not leave you indifferent. Expect about 2 to 3 hours of play to explore all the ends, and if you are stranded community guides are available conclusion confess my love is a small independent game unpretentious, with 8 bit graphics neat holding in just 30mb and t any configuration. We may sometimes reproach him with an approximate translation and the absence of graphic adjustments (the resolution must be around 480x320), but this does not remove anything from his charm and history that will delight even the less initiated. In short, a real little gem as we would like to see more, and more is totally free!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Review: Confess My Love Wow, I really had no Expectations for this free Game and was excellently entertained. You basically play the Infatuated Protagonist Willie, who flashes off again and again at Liza, your Schoolmate who is busy with her Homework. Liza has different Answers depending on the Situation, where I thought to myself in part that you needed a really thick Skin to get through it in real Life ... And the Reasons are really fies! * gg * The Ending was unexpected and totally surprised me! For all Achievements you are inevitably dependent on the Walktrough, as you can only reach 70-80% by simply trying and exploring. I didn't have a good Experience in terms of Controller support. My Xbox 360 Controller has only been partially recognized and in reality it doesn't pay off playing the Game in the Big Picture because there is no Full-screen mode. Only with the Abbreviation "Strg + Enter" can you force a Full Screen, which would not bring any Improvement on the TV. In window mode, the Image is insanely small. The Instructions show at the Beginning that with the "F5" Button you can at least double the Window size, which I recommend. The Control on the Keyboard is a little bumpy-but you get used to it quickly and I only struggled a bit at an Achievement. :-) If you liked the Review, let me know with a Thumbs up!