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Batman: The Enemy Within review
by André R. S.

The sequell of Telltale Games "Batnam: The Telltale Series"

It brings some improvements like better graphics, fluid animations and less bugs. Still i got some problems with the subtitles. Even tho i hat a lot of fun and enjoyed playing it.

Completed: 01. Dec. 2019
Playtime: ~ 13h
Rating: 7/10
All in all, it's an enjoyable Batman story with some twists and interesting paths.
«Sit back and relax»

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The game is very exciting and the graphics are good, you feel right to be Bruce / Batman. Unfortunately, I can not get on Riddler's desk in the first episode, I can not find another object, although a button for it is displayed. On my desk are only 3 objects with information, even after reinstalling the app. So I can not continue the game. Can someone help me? Otherwise 5 stars!
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Very brilliant! Like a movie that you can influence yourself. Action, communication, riddle ... everything available. I still ordered the pack during the free 1st part. I've been looking for such a game for a long time and as an old Batman fan it was worth it. I play on an iPhone 6 and the game runs clean and smooth. Why a star is missing? The lyrics run through a bit quickly and are not always easy to read due to the different colors. The small messages that appear on the different objects are so small that unfortunately I can not read them. And yes, my glasses are up to date! I would like to spend a little more time thinking about the answers, but you can not always do that in real life.
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Microsoft from French
I write this opinion, to congratulate all the work for such a game as catching, as a big fan of Batman I was very surprised to see the game available on mobile, really the graphics are really not bad and for some we are entitled to French subtitles normally so it should not be done, we really have the choice on the answers, a minimum of exchanges with characters and information about Bruce Wayne our famous heroes, the game is really perfect (even if in the end I think that the different choices of which one can not have really not a different way), but pity that the series is so short, I would really like to know if it would have possibility of a continuation, because really I like much the history, I will not put too much matterard on a simple opinion but I strongly advise (even with the sum of 17 to have the 5 episodes in full is really worth it)
Five Word Review: Telltale Batman game. 'nuff said.
Favorite Thing: I enjoyed the story.
Least Favorite Thing: It's a telltale game. No surprises here.

Date Completed: 2018-06-10
Playtime: ~ 10h
Enjoyment: 7/10
Recommendation: It's an enjoyable Batman story.
My favorite game and the best Telltale series I’ve played. All you decisions matter, you feel the responsibility for your choices, two finales are completely different and they are totally on you. It’s worth to play the game twice at least to get them both. The gameplay is awesome, especially the action parts, while I’d add more exploration to the game. Although some side characters stay on the side (duh) because of your choices, the protagonists get their development. The worst thing about this project is that there’s no signs of season 3 yet.