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Mass Effect review
by Bessi Þór Sigurðarson

Það eru bara örfáir leikir sem ég nota ps3-ið mitt til að spila. Þetta er einn af þeim. 

Hreint sci-fi goodness. Heimurinn sem er skapaður er svo skemmtilegur og áhugaverður. Og hver þín staða er í honum er  fullkomin listræn ákvörðun. Finnst mjög skemmtilegt að miðað við aðra RPGs þá er persónan sem maður spilar ekki bara tóm innstunga frá manni inn í heiminn. Það er actually baksaga(sem maður fær að velja um) og ákvarðanir manns sem Shepard meikar sens innan í heiminum. 

Vill líka minnast á að ég spilaði núna sem fem-shep og fannst það actually bæta miklu við reynsluna. Pínku femíniskt statement tbh. Ég styð, svo alltof fáir female protagonist-ar (og voice actor-inn er betri)

Spilunin sjálf er frekar einhæf. Hægt að leika sér aðeins með biotics og mjög takmarkað með að vera liðsforingi en hvert einasta combat encounter er nokkurn veginn eins. Og að leika "commander" partinn af Commander Shepard er HRÆÐILEGT í þessum leik. AI-ið hjá liðsfélögum er svo lélegt og þeir skilja bara alls ekki hvað maður vill stundum, eitt af því sem var bætt mikið í ME2.

Samt, allt fyrir utan það er frábært, frá heiminum til sögunnar til persónanna er frábært. Leikurinn er classic og ég mun klárlega endurspila hann reglulega. 

Kláraður: 12/12/19; 3ja playthrough
Einkunn: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 1/2 / 5
Tími spilaður: 33 tímar

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«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
Good but surprisingly dated. Frequent visual glitches, somewhat infrequent bugs that cause quests to not mark as finished or certain quest flags not clear, enemies often get stuck in walls - walls of environments that are reused like crazy - and those Mako physics absolutely do not fit that Mako level design at all, felt like two separate games taped together and not playtested even a bit. After playing KOTOR and then this in close proximity, it's weird Bioware got the reputation as the "polished but not crazy deep" RPG house where Obsidian got the reputation as "technically flawed but deep" when Bioware is pretty buggy and unpolished.

I wish it did a bit more with its RPG systems. The choices don't seem to do much for this game, but I know they're supposed to carry over to the next game. In reality, there are only six or seven actual main quests and locations - the Eden Prime, The Citadel, Noveria, Virmire, Feros, Ilos, and The Citadel again but different this time. Five out of the six companions you get by The Citadel, the second main area, and have limited variety species-wise: two humans, two more might-as-well-be humans (because I guess they can't make any female aliens look unattractive - seriously, where are the male Quarians, female Turians, female Salarians, female Elcor, female Volus, female Hanar, etc. and why does anyone accept that bullshit about Asari being monogender), a more gangly humanoid alien, and then finally the weird buff alien guy. Where's my Volus, Hanar, and Elcor companions? You fight Salarians at one point, why can't those be companions, too? One of your companions will probably never be used since they have the same class as you. It's supposed to be a vast space opera but those faults all make it feel small and cramped, which is probably why they added sidequests. But the sidequests are kind of pointless. Again, I know choices will matter in the next game so I feel like I have to do them, but so many are fetch quests and a non-insignificant amount are just randomly collecting shit. Land on planet, check map, bounce along to the anomaly, resource deposit, debris, and finally the place you're actually going. Then it's a shooting gallery from one of three options: a mine, a research base, and an army base. The same layout for each over and over and over again. Some have animated and voiced cutscenes, most don't.

It's still worth playing. The main quests at least have high production values. The tech and biotic powers are a cool balance with the shooting, though I will say tech side feels overpowered since the main villain race is a synthetic race of robots. Inventory management is kind of trash but there are a lot of directions to take your character customization. It's smart to make every single response by Shepard a player choice, and all fully voiced, even if a lot of dialogue turns into the RPG menu diving exposition dumps. I wish the companions were a little more independent but they do make a point of giving them time to shine and putting only your "away team" in cutscenes.
One of the best choices I made in life: date Liara.
Still a fun replay but this one does start to feel a bit old because of the gameplay. Knowing it’s the start of the series and leads to other good games makes it worth the play though. The atmosphere and story is still very well done. For me the second takes a very significant leap forward though.

Final Score: B+
feels dated at times, but it it's an extremely ambitious title that delivers well enough to be revisited any time
Gameplay 8/10. Graphics 10/10. Soundtrack 8/10. Storyline 10/10. OVERALL 9.0/10.0 (A 8.5)
«Blew my mind»
For a very long time I never played this game…and I don’t know if I regret it or value my distance from this series. I picked up this trilogy in 2013-2014 so I am unfazed and uninterested in the backlash the third entry of the trilogy got from the fans. Mass Effect, to me, is a very unique series. I have never played anything like it before. I don’t mean that in regard to the dialogue or gameplay taken separately, but Mass Effect manages to balance these elements incredibly effectively. You can see the inspirations throughout the series (Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, a little pinch of Star Wars and other famous sci-fi shows and stories) but Mass Effect still functions as its own title. The story in this game revolves around Commander Shepard and their quest to stop a rogue elite galactic enforcer (Spectre) Saren Arterius. Shepard and their team band together to stop Saren from conquering the galaxy but in the process discovers something for more dangerous pressing in on the galaxy. Bioware put so much effort into this game’s story and world. It feels daunting to step into it, but once you take that leap, you don’t ever want to leave. So much detail to lore, designs, locations, ships, weapons, creatures, it’s truly remarkable and never ceases to amaze me. This is the first RPG that I played that felt authentic and natural. I felt that I could control the story and what Shepard says or does and I don’t feel as though the game is necessarily forcing me to chose between a default affiliation. The graphics are okay, they aren’t as dated to me as they should be, but there are some visible signs of age. The gameplay is good, but very confined and clunky in regards to the gunplay and action. The game offers a variety of enemies to face that offer challenges in their own ways. The exploration aspect of this game has often been hailed as fantastic….I may be in the minority but nothing in exploring the planets in this game was particularly fun or rewarding. It felt empty and strange, and some of the planets had incredibly poor designs and the vehicle controls were kind of barebones to say the least. Some of the customization elements and armor and weapons got a little tedious and unprofitable. But all of these things are improved immensely in future installments. If there is a game that I could go back in time and experience again it would be this trilogy. I would highly recommend this game to any gamer regardless of preference or knowledge.

Rating: 4.5/5
«Blew my mind»
If you were to read a list of all the problems with Mass Effect 1, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a below average action RPG. The frame rate drops horrendously in combat sections; there's a huge amount of texture pop in; there are tonnes of glitches; the inventory management is terrible; the loot system is boring; planetary exploration in the Mako gets dull very quickly; side missions re-use assets over and over again; the shooting feels unsatisfying and poorly fleshed out; the different classes don't feel very unique; I could go on. But if you play this and accept it's many shortcomings, you'll be treated to the best sci-fi RPG on the Xbox 360 and one of the best space operas ever made.

This game is defined by its writing and world building. The story isn't entirely original - mysterious aliens want to destroy the universe and you and your team need to stop them - but the game does a good job of making you feel central to developing narrative. You build your character at the start of the game and can make some decisions about the player's background and class, which will have minor effects on the story and combat respectively. The lauded interactive dialogue system gives you the chance to build your character as a good guy (Paragon) or a dickhead (Renegade) and various missions can have wildly different endings depending on your actions. The writing really shines in these scripted sequences and an equal amount of effort has been put into the hundreds of entries in the Lore Index found in the menu. As the first game in a trilogy, ME1 has the task of setting the universe up, and the writers delivered with a plethora of aliens, each with their own culture, politics, weaponry and history. However, the alien races really shine in the context of their history with each other, and humans as well. The Salarians engineered a biological weapon which is causing the slow extinction of the Krogan; the Turians were involved in a controversial war with the humans which both sides refuse to forget; the Quarians built an AI which turned rogue and now threatens to destroy the galaxy. The game is at its absolute best when these interactions are woven into the main narrative. However, to get the best understanding and feel for the universe possible, you'll need to exhaust all dialogue options and complete all side missions. The side missions in particular can feel like a slog: it's certainly worth it though.

I've avoided talking about the combat as there's honestly not a lot to say. It's nothing special and merely serves as a way for the player to experience the story. There are plenty of things more important than the combat that the game absolutely nails. As much as it pains me I'll have to skim over for the sake of brevity - the cast of characters you meet throughout the course of the game are memorable and diverse, the ending feels suitably epic and leaves the story open for a sequel without a silly cliffhanger, the soundtrack (by Jack Wall) is evocative and chilling in places, and the voice acting is superb. ME1 is the epitome of the phrase "greater than the sum of it's parts". I'd love a remaster but I don't trust whoever handles it with preserving the atmosphere of the game. When Bioware is inevitably dissolved by EA, this is how they should be remembered. Not for Destiny or Andromeda, but for their telling of Shepard and his crew, and how they took on the end of the world.
«Blew my mind»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Beginning of atmospheric Gimmicks at all for me. Characters, Story, Setting and Gameplay are almost perfect. Meanwhile, the Game is a bit old, but if you want to experience the Series, you should dare, as it's really worth it. I've spent nearly 1,000 Hours in the Universe and I'm looking forward to the fourth Part like a little Kid on Christmas. Through various Decision-making Possibilities, an individual Bond with the Characters is formed, etc. After playing through a Mass Effect Game, I always thought to myself: It can't get Any better, and so the Successor always disappointed me a bit at first. However, that quickly passed and the Successor became at least as cool as its Predecessor. I recommend buying the Game on Origin as there is a Handful of Extensions there that I at Least don't have on Steam. Anyone who ponders on the Occasion of the Fourth Part, who appears in just under a Month to deal with the Series, can only recommend that you play the Complete Series chronologically. It's always worth it! For me, the Series is my absolute Favourite Series even before Gothic! I therefore give a clear Buy recommendation!
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Review of the Game:---Introduction---Mass Effect is probably a Milestone in the Science Fiction era of video Games, excellent gameplay, fully set Dialogues throughout the game, the extremely successful Story and and and ... You could rave about Mass Effect for an eternal Long time-or just gamble it and enjoy it! ---Gameplay---Mass Effect Is a Sci-fi ACTION RPG of a special Kind, you fight your Way from Storyline to Storyline as Commander Shepard, there are many Items, Upgrades and a successful Talent tree. In addition, you can always take helpful Companions on your Missions, which you can also Equip. From time to time you also have the Opportunity to drive a Vehicle through the area, but in my Opinion the Vehicle has been too strong, but it is still Fun to tear through the different Solar Systems and always discover new Things! ---Graphics---The Graphics of Mass Effect were fine for the Release of the Game in May 2008, here and there you could have got a little more out of it, but that'S Mecker at a very high Level, it's fun to watch the Characters in the Dialogues and Sequences, the Animations are gelu And even if the Game is already 7 Years old, it's nice to watch. ---Sound and Music---The completely set game shines with its great Sounds and the enormous Background music that really supports every Scene very nicely, especially towards the End of the Game a "wow" effect comes up through the Background Music! ---Performance---The Game runs extremely smoothly, unfortunately without Controller support, but the Operation with the Mouse and Keyboard is good. ---Conclusion---I didn't think anything of Mass Effect for Years, now I Wonder why I didn't play the Game years ago, the Gameplay is right, the Characters, the Story-just everything is the hammer-for any Sci-fi fan this Game is really a Bang, and before a Learn an alternative to Star Wars-too bad that there's no Mass Effect Movie-but still two more Parts that can take this Feel forward! I am very excited about the second Part of the Mass Effect, but also the Conclusion of the Trilogy with Mass Effect 3. Enjoy Mass Effect, Mr. Zero:7
ah, the game that started my long-lasting intense love-hate relationship with bioware
«Beaten more than once»