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Max Payne 3 review
by Shane Ryan

The Good: the gameplay felt fluid, the level of injury to enemies based of where they were shot and what calibre weapon was a nice touch. The game definitely still felt like a max payne game with the gameplay, bullettime felt the best its ever felt imo. The story was solid enough for what it was, and I only had one random glitch once, nothing game breaking, one enemy just turned invisible but still had muzzle flare so like I said, not a big deal breaker. The graphics were nice, cars looked a bit flat, but aside from that it felt like a modern game in terms of graphics. The not so good: the overall feeling of gloom and darkness that made the atmosphere of the first two games just wasn't there the same. Yes Max's dialogue was as Noir as usual (and possibly some of his best dialogue ever) but aside from a chapter or too most the game was a bit too bright and just didn't feel "dark". Also there were no explosives you could have, which, just felt sad at times. Final Verdict: All and all I had a blast with this game, and can safely say too anyone who's either a fan of third person shooters, or fans of the first two games, give it a go. I highly doubt you'll be disappointed; just be aware, it is very Linear, but that was definitely a relief amongst the seas of openworld games out there 8.5/10
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really cool john wick game
if u want 3rd shooter play for sure. super
if u wanna max payne series -skip
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Don't know what to say about this one. It's a Max Payne game no doubt, but it feels like a spin-off rather than a sequel. The gameplay feels smooth in a typical Rockstar games fashion. Though it's too heavy on how it chooses to show the plot. A lot of cutscenes and flashbacks. Wouldn't say I enjoy the plot a lot, since it's very average and doesn't add anything to Max's lore. I'm also not a fan of bald Max. Feels like Rockstar tried too much, but didn't know what is more important. The plot in 1 & 2 was solid while here it's barren and typical for something you would find in GTA, since it relies too much on violence, rather than Max's life. Well it kinda does, but not like it used to. Still a good game if we're talking gameplay, so I'd suggest to check it out, no matter if you're fan of the series or not.
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«OST on repeat»
real good story. whatever combat (except bullet time is still sick). bad online. great visual design.
«Can’t stop playing»
«That ending!»
Max Payne Goes out with a Bang!
«Blew my mind»
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Servuz my Bullet-Time friends and Girlfriends, here my slow-motion review of Max Payne 3. Genre: 3Rd-person shooter/arcade shooter + Pro's: + good inner Monologues & Dialogues + very good to excellent Backdrops + vivid facial Expressions, natural Conversations + Playable Flashbacks to New Jersey + cool slow motion action with last second joker + large Arsenal of weapons + Physics Engine simulates hits & destruction Well + whopping 12 to 14 Hours of Action time + Optional target Aids, multiple Difficulty levels + Multiplayer with cooperative Story mode + including 3D effect and best Technique-Kontra's:-Blockbuster feeling? Mystical Symbolism? Unfortunately no-weak Story without credible Twists-no playful variety-special Acrobatics only in predetermined Places-linear level Corset, hardly any alternative paths-far too simple Melee-boring weapon Ice-searching-graphics error When Firing Out of Cover-last Third Pulls up like Chewing Gum-frustrating Final fight conclusion: Max Payne 3 is, in my Opinion, a Game that is said to have been played as a Fan of the Max Payne franchise at all times. In itself, a good stable fun Game. Unfortunately, however, it did not live up to my Expectations. Expected more. In the third Part lacks the certain "gloomy," "abge ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ te" as it was definitely in the first Part. Thank you for taking the Time and reading through my Review. Leave a Review or write me your Opinion underneath!
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This Review relates only to the Campaign. I played And loved Max Payne 1 at the time ... Therefore, I am very sorry not to be able to recommend Max Payne 3:( I got the Game in The last Humblebundle and took about 11 Hours for the Campaign. The Good thing to do: + Bullet time is still cool and a lot of Fun in general the weapons feel good. + The Graphics are still going OK in 2018 + The best bullet Holes ever + The weapons sound bold and good + Setting. The Voice Actors do a good Job, auẞerdem most Brazilians in the Game speak in Portuguese, which gives the whole thing a little more Authenticity. Neutral-+ Music. Not bothered but also not remembered Now to the Reason why I can't recommend the Game. 1. The Level design or the Process: A typical Level goes like this: Max Payne pities himself, walks into Space, kills all the Opponents in the Room, kills all the opponents in the room, short, unnecessary Cutscenes, Max Payne pities himself, goes into Space kills all opponents, unnecessary Cutscenes, Max Payne Dressed himself, walks into Space kills all opponents, unnecessary Cutscenes, Max Payne pities himself, walks into Space kills all opponents, unnecessary Cutscenes, Max Payne pities himself, walks into Space kills all opponents ... And for 11 Hours ... You can have Fun with the Game, if you don't care about the Monotony and the constant Self-talks of Max Payne don't go on your Bag ...