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Greedfall review
by MrSpanky

Charming game that overstays its welcome with fetch type backtracking sidequests and a few too many technical issues.

A 20 hour game stretched thin to almost 50 hours if trying to do everything, which is required to do because of inconsistent enemy balance.

- Character design
- World design
- Armor design
- Armor visual upgrades
- Companions
- Character combat customization

- Technical issues
- Unoptimized console port
- Story intro too short and lacking any emtional bond to the main protagonist
- Heavy invisible walls around many objects
- Character getting stuck under trees geometry
- Potion use requires character to stand still causing combat flow to stop for animation ingestion ending
- Bad face shadows
- Low res textures on npc armors
- Inconsistent lighting
- Assest reuse, especially in faction different towns
- Voices not matching character age
- Enemy unbalance in the early levels and last bosses
- Poison at low levels is too extreme
- Chain stun from certain enemies is near unexcapable
- Mage ranged only build is not viable
- Melee only is not viable and requires ranged support for certain type of enemies and bosses

A title that despite the mentioned flaws deserves to be played, atleast in lower difficulty to speed througth it. Not worth the full price so wait for a sale.

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