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Endless Legend review
by MrSpanky

A review for new players to the genre. Veterans move along.

Not a welcoming type of game for an unexperienced player.

There is no campaign and the motivation to play is already blocked by by the first screen asking to choose random parameters, like its the most obvious thing to do. Again, not newbie friendly.

Difficulty is unbalanced with sudden attacks from enemy factions that react based on your status. A status that needs to be constantly monitored via boring spreadsheets and graphs.

Combat is as basic as it gets. Slow, simply animated, with barebone sound effects. Character movement on map is poorly animated and choppy.

Expanding cities and creating troops takes way too many turns and it feels like a slog. Loosing troops in battle is a major setback, especially while scouting. Production can be sped up with a buyout in gold and depending on the faction choosed its not always a viable option.

In the end a boring, tedious and simply not fun experience.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
For a whole boredom, Civilizations 5 was my Favorite, but then Endless Legend came along and I couldn't sleep the first 4 Days properly as much fun makes it. On the one hand, we could not have been the different Peoples. No People play like the other, as there are very strong attention paid here to different Strengths and Weaknesses. One People has the Main Resource Dust (Gold), since they are undead they do not need Food like other Peoples and that makes them very dangerous Opponents, the other People can force diplomatic paths with their Strength, and then there is again a People that can Make Their City Pack up and relocate to a new Region. Also, the Diplomatic References are very demanding, while in Civilization 5 one is called a Warmonger and from the beginning To the end of the Denunciation (Austria has the largest flap) one in Endless Legend is rather Scepticism or Envy. But let's get to the Map, here, as in Civilzations, you can choose your Card type, Small Large Gigantic, many Islands etc. Each Type has different Resources, one more, the other little to rare, which the up to 8 peoples may complain about. Once you have started the Game and settled a Region, you will quickly visit from Secondary Peoples who can visit Asians. You shouldn't ignore them, they can be blessing and Curse at the same time. And just as your Troops are Getting Stronger, so are the side peoples. And they become very Intrusive from the 300 Rounds, and patrol more often in and around your Regions. From the 800th Round, there is no round in which they do not plunder your Resources or attack Units. And the Timing could never be better, because when you're on the Verge of a Victory condition, you're feeling world Enemy Number one, and you really get your Fat away. And because all is not enough, there are sudden Winter Collapses, which Drastically Reduces Your Resources and brings dissatisfaction and Hunger to your People. The Round-based Moves are also affected and your Units move slower, which ends up to the Finish at the end. You will also get Quests that you can do, whether from your own People, or the Ancillary Peoples. There's always something to do. Also spawning Quest Related opponents in your Region, it will really be when a Guard is at your Door, because they will be Able to completely defeat you in a few Rounds if you have nothing to bring. Conclusion: A very nice and exciting 4X Lap Strategy game that does Everything Civilizations 5 has missed. Nothing is given to you here and certainly not made easy. It should also be said that from the beginning I stayed in the higher Difficulty levels without An Introductory Tutorial. I really wanted to give it to myself here and have chosen a harder Start because it is very similar with Civilization. A clear purchase recommendation Strategy fans come here to cost.