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The Last Remnant review
by MrSpanky

A clear demonstration why the JRPG industry is on a downward path.

- Stereotypically badly written characters
- Offensively basic dialogues
- Boring story
- Mediocre english voiceovers
- Main quest not tracked in journal
- Amateur and uninspiring level design
- Empty map designs
- Artificially overcomplicated combat system
- Completely unbalanced game difficulty
- Confusing, underdeveloped and in the end needless slow time enemy engage system
- Tedious and long fights
- Healing, ressing and units micromanagment is an exercise in patience
- Lack of hints on combat formation variations
- Sidequests with auto teleport to location
- PC port offers nothing worth the title

Barely worth 5 bucks.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Last Remnant is a TaktikRPG from SquareEnix. Anyone who is not so leasely mastered, finds a Summary at the bottom. Gameplay The Gameplay of The Last Remnant is not one you've seen many times before. Instead of a single Unit or group as you otherwise know it, you command a small Army that is almost always on the road with you and That you can freely assemble from a wide variety of Characters and Formations. As the Game progresses, you can enlarge them more and more. Sounds interesting, so is it. Actually. I can assign Units To troops, but I can't equip them freely. Just the Main Character. As a result, units often walk around with far worse Equipment than the Protagonist. You can buy Equipment and ask for a boredom occasionally Members of the Troupe do so for them, but you can't really rely on it. I bought a piggy expensive Lance so that one of the many Lance Carriers in my Army has something tidy and who asks (twice) if he is allowed to have the Thing? A Battle Magician. Not completely pointless, but not my first Choice. I am also well aware that you would have to rewrite a particular Document in the Game folder so that it is possible to equip Units freely, but if I have to use the Program code and Co as a Player to optimize the Gameplay where the Developer Simply could have included a Button in the Game or implemented free Equipment the same for everyone, that's no Excuse. In the Dungeon, the Protagonist is moved on behalf of the Army through the Area as it is in the Usus genre. Opponents are involved in the Fight by special Maneuvers and it is possible to force more than one Opponent group into the Fight. This will fight more Enemies, which increases the Risk, but also the Reward. In Combat, one does not command one's Troops directly, but roughly sets a Direction for how the Units should work on which Enemy Group. This saves an enormous Amount of time, but if there is no cure Order for election in a crisis situation, the Downsides of this System are already revealed. You can more or less influence which Orders are available for election by the Troop composition, but that is a bit very complex on duration and there is still no guarantee of success. One Feature from the "well-intentioned but poorly implemented" category is the Feature known by Fans of the Game as "Anti-grind mechanics," which also makes Opponents stronger as the Player level increases. In a Game that offers so much optional Content at an early Stage, this is also basically a round thing, but in Combination with the Fact that it does not have its Troop completely under Control and its Equipment not to be able to determine its equipment freely, to a Real annoyance. Apparently, the Strength of the Opponent is limited, but the Limit seems to be a bit higher. At The moment it's more like this: You run through a Dungeon and meet a Boss who will make you flattening even after several Attempts, so you decide On the oldest tactic proven in J-RPG: Grinden. After a few Level-Ups, better Equipment and Skills, you have the necessary Confidence to beat the Boss this time, it was still so scarce last Time. Misconceived. The Boss is also linger and has better Skills at the Start and no matter how hard you try, you don't get the Boss anywhere more close to a Defeat Another Feature from the Category is the Crafting System. You can use materials to make Equipment and improve Weapons. Even for doing Skills, you need Materials. The Catch: There are far too many Materials and if you are looking for specific ones, you are looking for quite a while. Graphics, Soundtrack The Graphics are a bit older but still look good. The Soundtrack is, as one would expect from Games from SquareEnix, Outclass Summary Pro Great Game World With lots of Content Crafting Toller Soundtrack Kontra Only Protagonist hardly any Tutorials that explain the Gameplay unmanageable Number of Crafting Materials grinden is punished no Skipable Cutscenes hardly control in Fights Conclusion The Last Remnant commits a novel Path in things game Design, which is not dismissed out of hand. However, some Elements have probably not been thought through and make the Game artificially difficult in this Way in an unnecessary Way. I really had fun about it the first Half of the Game and would have liked to give it a better Rating, but the "Anti-grind mechanism" so praised by Fans has turned the Fun into a Loss-free Grindfest.