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Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince review
by MrSpanky

A wonderful return to the roots of the series.

At first impact the beautiful visuals will welcome you back and the three characters mechanics immediately feel famliar.
Having played the game entirely in local couch co-op: it has one major bug with Player 1 jumps causing random disapperance of the casted abilities, aka mage cubes, thiefs ropes and knights dream-shields, therefore forcing Player 2 to do most of the work and Player 1 to switch to a character without casted content on screen.

The boss fights are completely unbalanced and the first one happens too soon causing major frustration in what is, at first glance, a relaxing puzzle game. The last boss is just not fun.

Collecting all extras is not worth the effort.

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Great game, being the 4th of a great generation.
After ACT IV starts to get repetitive.