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Diluvion review
by MrSpanky

Interesting idea, poor execution.

- Concept
- Soundtrack
- Visuals

- Interface (amateur levels of bad UX design)
- Sub controls with gamepad (arcade and simulation)  
- Inventory management with gamepad
- Dialogues
- Rewards for exploring
- Sub vs Sub combat
- FPS drops on high-end hardware

Having waited since the first release i decided to finally buy the new Submerged version, but all the excitement got swept away on the first sub vs sub combat: its just an exercise in frustartion when the controls are your biggest enemy. Combat is not fun and god forbid you aggroed more then one sub then surviving isnt an option and escaping is just a low chance occasion evading torpedoes, currents and walls with your sub made out of cardboard. Reload and try again. Not fun.

Bugs on prompt commands not responding, forcing client reloads. No indication on inventory quantity and left space. No commands to drop unwanted item and if there are the bad interface doesnt provide basic button feedback. Until further options for less combat oriented and more explorer type players are implemented this game remains a beatifully flawed idea.

Gamebreaking bug preventing progress past 2/3 of the game.

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Diluvion has a nice Setting and the striking Comic representation of the Figures fits in with that. However, the Game lacks any Finishing Touches. The text-based Narrative is as bumpy as the unfinished Looking Tutorial. The pioneering schools of Fish appear to have been programmed by the studio goldfish. The chosen submarine steers itself laboriously. A Controller is Mandatory, with Keyboard and Mouse the Control is an Agony. Often the Camera attaches itself directly to the Fuselage and blocks the View in Battles. Though there are beautiful Moments in the Game, the Search for random loot crumbs, accompanied by meaningless Chatter from Crew and Residents of the World, prevails. I don't get rid of The Thought that five People from Arachinid Games were sitting at the Game. Two of them had good Ideas and have worked diligently on Completion, while the remaining three botched around without a Mind. In fact, lack of Time and quality Assurance Will probably have played a role, but as a Result it is a Thumb with a tendency down.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Great game finished it this morning in a through. I bought this game because I had hoped it was something in the direction Of Aquanox. The game itself is also awesome, it captivates if you like underwater games and you have many expansion possibilities. Pro: + Underwater Action-Exploration of such games is unfortunately hardly available. + The Graphics are a good fit for the game. + the Soundtrack. + mann has several options, different ships weapons sprays and Crew members. Con:-Unfortunately no 5.1, 7.1 Support. -The Story gets a little too strange towards the end. -The Control is Terrible, have played it first with mouse and keyboard then with the Controller. With the Controller it is ok but tropically exhausting. -The Map could have been better done, zb to see a point where you are right now. -These Orange fish show some where to go next, just in the mite of the game too rarely so that you often get lost and no longer know where to go. If you want a little Story, you can take on Underwater adventures and slaughter here. Anyone expecting a game like Aquanox should leave your fingers off it. You have to be a lot of farm, pay attention to Air as well as food for your own Crew, which forces you to grind something if you want to get the best of the best. And by Grinding I mean, call every little Station and look for lootable objects, destroy every enemy ship and look for loot again. Something you have rented also sell to the right Retailer so that you get more Money, which is already tight.