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StarCrawlers review
by MrSpanky

A great game for the first hours then it gets tedious.

Yes, i invested 40 hours into the game and liked the feeling of playing a cyperpunk Legend of Grimrock title, until i came to the sad conclusion i have to give it a negative recomendation based on lack of polish (both user interface and user experience), general info and limited diversity in explorable areas. Some very low res texturing and area layout (the offices) dont help to promote the game. Difficulty spikes and unbalanced difficulty dont help the casual gamer who just wants a title to relax inbetween more demanding titles.

Constant stutters after every patch forced me to redownload the game to fix it. First time loading a save would still cause stutters and prompt a restart of the game to bypass the issue.

Reached the last part of the game and realized that a specific party composition and playstyle is needed to overcome the last fighst, which are essentially a dps race against mobs with high health pools. Healing is a chore since no dedicated classes exist. Healing with items is slow, uneffective, slot consuming (in a limited slots inventory based game) and expensive to maintain. Random regeneration is useless at higher levels. RNG is brutal and can quickly turn a normal battle into a wipe. Wipes mean loosing alot of time since autosaves are a joke and manual saves are a risky act if done near spotted enemies since they can outrun you. Saves done in the dungeon has to be named individually every time. No overwrites.

Since its a dungeon crawler it should reward exploration but after level 10 they randomly spawn high bosses with different mechanics, resists or buffs that can only be ovecome by certain clases with certain abilities, defacto negatinf the concept of choosing four characters and speccing them how you want. Some bosses are just huge health pools that become a foreshadowing of the endgame fights, effectively telling the player to go full dps or respecc. These bosses spawn during easy missions, missions meant to farm resources to later overcome the real challenges and if it happens while trying a new party and abilities its an almost guarenteed wipe.

Loot is generally unsatisfactory to collect and more a chore to manage on a limited inventory. RNG kindly makes sure you get gear for other classes you dont need. Extra items crafted after long grinds are useless. Usefulness of rare items is never explained.

The suggestion is to wait for a sale and in the meantime hope for more patches and general polish of this beautiful raw diamond of a game.

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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Early access review I bought this game after the rave review of Nolife. Rough erreure, this game is very far from finished. There is practically no content. A handful of scripted missions and the ultra repetitive procedure for the rest. The game mechanics are dusty, the grinding of dough and XP are pushed to the maximum, the skilltree of the characters are not all finished and are more than simplistic. Ergonomics is on the street, the reputation system of employers does not unlock anything at the moment. To see if it changes, but at the current pace, the game is not nearly finished. It's a bit shameful to have an early access with so little content.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
well, if I should discribe this game it would be like that : MISS, MISS, MISS, FAILED, FAILED, MISS,..... Don't get me wrong, this game is very good and very well designed as a whole. I really recommend it. BUT WAAAYYYYYY too low accuracy on everything. You bring a hacker, wich is a real sh*t for actual combat, for the sole purpose on helping your MC to hack through doors and terminals and he's like the lowest rookie in computer usage. In combat, you will miss almost 60% of you debuff attempt on ennemy. More than that, combat are too long. Way too long. Ennemies deal ridiculously low damage while you need too much hit to kill'em, no challenge, just boreness on some "boss" combat. Plus, there are very few good AoE skill and they deal little to no damage. Beside that, the writing is good, the ambiance is good, charaters personnalities are fun and story isn't that bad either.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
This Game takes the Term "unfair" to a new Level and The Developers have never heard of Balancing. There are Missions that are divided into different levels of difficulty, such as those that are divided into different Levels of difficulty. Be called easy (easy) normal, or heavy. Unfortunately, these Descriptions cannot be relied upon. Sometimes normal and light Missions are what they are, but often enough in "light" missions you are so thrown at with Enemies that you can no longer get behind with the Healing (which can only be done via expensive And rare drugs) and then people die. Away like the Flies. The Bang, though, was a "light" random mission, with a boss Opponent waiting at the End who could not be defeated. This Robot took damage from Attacks, but healed every Round completely (!) as long as its own Members were in a State of Shock (which, according to the Description, was supposed to last only 3 Rounds, but which simply never stopped. This Super Healing-and he not only healed himself by 100% of his Health every Round, but was "of course" also allowed to attack at the same time-nullified every Attack used against him on the next Train. Thank you developers for allowing me to spend money on your Game just so that you show me the Stinkefinger with your Game.