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Little King's Story review
by Uneducated_Reviews

A thing that I like the most in Little King Story is that it feels and plays like a true videogame, without trying to be a movie or other.

After you boot the game, the first thing that appears is the opening sequence which features classical music and a nice introductory sequence to the general theme and mood of the game and does it wonderfully, after that you only need to do the tutorial stuff, pretty straight forward, fun and entertaining, to get the hang of it.

The story can be a little weird and some aspects may also feel uncomfortable at first, like the art style that it looks aimed for little kids but a lot of stuff can be more mature that it seems (It's rated T after all) and that's a thing that I commend to this game, is never afraid of doing what is doing or not explain anything at all, at least in a direct way. At first, I was a little confused but as I progressed almost 3/4 of the story everything seemed to make sense and the finale pay off, I'm being nebulous about it not because this game has huge spoilers, but it demands that you have your own interpretations.

As for the gameplay and the main reason you'll be playing this, it's a lot of fun. It is a simplified RTS game, its mechanics are simple and have a nice progression system that rewards backtracking in a smooth way. You start with basic units, then with combat specialized units and then with specialized jobs for construction or demolition of several things. My biggest issue comes with the gameplay tho, the selection of your team is quite cumbersome and clumsy and even you start with a clumsier version of it, also, when you're fighting enemies, the control and selection of units can be at times frustrating, this problem is more pronounced with the boss fights, it is never that bothersome but is also consistent and it will be with you through all of your campaign.

Boss fights are in my opinion, the cherry of the cake of this game, they're so unique from one another and even twist the genre of this game for good, you'll be surprised with the inventiveness of them, and speaking of boss fights, the music is in charge of Yoko Shimomura of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy and even Street Fighter fame, there are original compositions but mostly you'll find classical tunes (arranged to this game) which in my opinion were a perfect selection for the general mood and combat, so even when you face frustrating moments given the gameplay or at times tough fights you'll never lose the rhythm or even the adrenaline of this game.

As final comments, Little King Story is a solid game that has aged so well in a lot of aspects, you may encounter some serious challenge and at times some technical nuisances but they never are too big to give up this great game.
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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I can understand the number of bad ratings for this port, but it seems that i have luck with it. I don´t faced sounds issues or something else that would destroy the experience for me. The only problems i had so far are some little bugs, like the not working minimap or that some of the non-important side-quests can´t be finished as they are not shown on the map. The biggest problem i´m facing are random crashes after around every 2 hours of playing. Of course these are problems that have to be fixed, but at this moment i can live with them as the game is great. I´m glad that i have the chance to play this gem, because the wii-version was completely out of my sight. Hopefully the next patch will come soon to fix the remaining problems. P.S to everyone who is interested: - Don´t play it on 60 fps as the game originally wasn´t designed for it. It will just speed up everything and let some strange glitches and bugs occure. - If you don´t have a controller or don´t want to use it, keep your fingers away. The M+T controls are horrible and can´t be changed.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
[First of All, I don't recommend the Game at the moment because Of Port issues. (Sound, Ruckler)] Just seen yesterday in the Store and incredibly pleased. Have played the Game on the Wii and the PsVita often. Just then downloaded and already had Problems with this before the Start of the actual Game ... Before the Game, a Configuration Tool launches, which makes it possible to set various Settings (Resolution, Voice, graphics, 30/60 FPS ...). However, as soon as this Window appears, the Performance of my Computer Has plummeted. But Caught on again when I started the actual Game. In the Game, however, it turned out that for me the Port is not playable at this Time. -It jerks (Framedrops from 60 to 40 or less)-The Sound is missing except in the Videos completely-No free Key assignment or poor keyboard control However, I noticed that the Graphics have greatly increased, the Textures are sharper and the higher Resolution does Their Rest. The Fact Is, however, that the Framedrops and the missing Sound do not make it playable for me, it should not be due to the hardware, but definitely to the Port itself. Should the Problems get done by Updates I change the Review here:)
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
I was very pleased when I read that this Game appears for the Personal Computer. Even then in Wii Times I was interested in Little Kings Story, but then never bought it. The Disillusionment started in the Intro. On the first Attempt, the Game is smeoned. (When I wanted to skip it) The second time it went noticeably unround. I spent 10 Minutes in the Main Screen. I assumed that it is already the Game and was allowed to watch how the Cow has always pushed a Sign over again. I wondered when and how I could interact now. Until I found out that I was still stuck in the Main Menu and for other Options (among other things, start the Game, load) only had to press a taste ... Ups. That particularly royally amused me. You can also smile at yourself. Graphically, I don't think it's terribly nice. I can't compare it to the Original Version, but zbs. A Game like Pikmin (The Comparison may be allowed) I found more coherent. But what really robs me of The fun of the Game is the Fact that there are sometimes Framerate collapses. inexplicable. My System meets the Requirements with Ease. That's grade as fruitful as I'm trying to let the Game be first. It must be noted that it is very far away from unplayable. But there is no case for good Implementation.