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Life is Strange 2 review
by Samuel Morrison

I'm torn between giving this a Meh or Recommended status. There are so many things wrong with it that I cannot let pass on a critical standpoint. There are also things I really enjoy about it. The initial episode is a homerun. We get those lovable side characters that were so prevalent in the first season. Everything changes and we have to start the survival of two brothers. Wonderful execution here. And then things start to fall apart. The episodes that follow become an amalgamation of chopped up story bits, mixed with filler content that we are forced to partake in. It's like all the episodes were written by different people or different teams. There hardly seems to be any proper conflict. When it gets thrown at us, especially in the later episodes, it's so disjointed and absurd that it's almost laughable. I guarantee almost none of the Diaz's troubles would happen in reality. Not to mention some absolutely heavy handed racism that just had to make an appearance. It's immature. It's unrealistic. It's poor writing. I really did get drawn in with a lot of the side characters, and they are part of why I had some enjoyment. Overall, it's a big sigh in a franchise that I adore. 

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This game hits hard in the end.

With the exception of the 4th episode, this journey is amazing. A lot of learning about maturity, consequences, racism, family, opportunities, and judicial power. The game also talks about religion, and even agreeing about what it had to say, I felt it was kind of artificial, just to justify some plot holes. Fortunately, that's a minor part of this amazing game.

The best part about Life is Strange 2 is the character development and how it makes you reflect on what you are witnessing, being the product of your consequences or not. The ending, as I said, destroyed me. Two of them made me cry like a baby, like in LiS 1.

I definitively recommend it to you all that love this universe. Mostly if you loved LiS 1 like me.
«That ending!»
«OST on repeat»
Enjoyed it a lot more than the first. The relationship between Sean and Daniel was great but, more importantly, a lot of the big choices and consequences come from how you as Sean interact with Daniel. It makes even the smallest things you say feel that much more consequential. The story really goes to unexpected places, both in personal and overarching plot terms, and the finale really was great while also managing to feel very personal. Loved the callbacks in the final episode to the first game, way better than that overlook scene from Episode 1.

On the other hand, I liked the money and inventory management they started in the first episode and was sad to see it neglected. It had cool effects in the second episode like getting Daniel a gift, but they really could have taken it even one step further.
I had to give up before finishing the first episode. This game is markedly more dark and depressing than the original, making it an unpleasant experience (you get a puppy in the first episode only for it to be killed in the second), and the gameplay itself is super BORING. You don't have the awesome rewind time power that made the original stand out so you're mostly left wandering around doing menial tasks until something relevant happens. 

There isn't much of a plot, and the actual story just makes me cringe. I'm really not convinced Sean fleeing was the only option, in fact I feel like if he stayed at the scene he might've had a fighting chance but by running away he doomed himself and his brother. 

If you want more Life is Strange, consider reading the comics instead. There's nothing here. 
Favorite Thing: The game's essentially just an interactive movie so it's all about the story. I liked the superpowered kid angle, though I think they were a little too reserved with it.
Least Favorite Thing: The cult/church in episode 4. Again, they should have been less reserved and gone more crazy cult.

Date Completed: 2020-01-16
Playtime: 14h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: If you like these types of games then most definitely.
In a world where Call of Duty games pretend they're "not trying to make a political statement" when they're literally about world conflict, at least Dontnod has the balls to release a game like this where they acknowledge it's art imitating life.
I enjoyed the first season more overall, but LiS2 is better when it comes time to evaluate the consequences of your choices. The story gets better towards the end of the season. Recommended for those who like games focused on stories and choices.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
~ Review after playing 2/5 episodes ~ Pro: + Nice, atmospheric graphics with detailed environment + Emotional, dramatic, adventurous and for the most part realistic story + A lot to explore and to collect + A lot of choices have consequenes, even little ones + Nice animations and cut scenes (advanced facial animations to lis 1) + Likeable and relatable characters and relationsships + Good soundtrack + Strong episode 1 + Price will be fair when all episodes are out (~ 2-3 houers for 1 episode) and there is a high replayability Contra: - Kind of a weak episode 2 - A few buggs/glitches here and there - On some points there was silence, where I would really wish for some music - Some plot points are a bit nah (for example Mushrooms death) - Long waiting periods between the episodes (~ 4 months) I r ecommend "Life is Strange 2" even the whole 'bundle issues'. If you are able to buy it, do so, because most of the contras are forgiveable and in the end it is a good game. I have faith that the next episodes will be better!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
When Life is Strange 2 Was announced, I was already very sceptical: Where the time travel element made the first Life is Strange gameplay technically still very interesting, I was already very sceptical at Before the Storm Whether the Concept works even without Super Forces. In the End, Though, Before the Storm was great because, as a Fan of the first Part, it made me penetrate much deeper into the Game world and allowed me to take a different View of Chloe'S Behavior in Life is Strange 1. In Life is Strange 2, we don't have Superpowers ourselves, nor do we have to "fight" each other through Dialogue like Chloe in Before the Storm. This simply doesn't convince Life is Strange 2 from a Gameplay point of View. It lacks the aha effect of the first Part. On top of that, the Story as well as the Scenario of Life is Strange 2 don't really appeal to me. I'm generally not a Fan of taking up current political Issues in Video Games. When I play a Game like that, I want to sink into another World and just not get our World dished out there. We were also put Players in the last two Life is Strange games, thanks to the Arcadia Bay scenario, in front of a very Large number of fixed Minor Characters and thus a Lot of serious Decisions that we had to make. Because depending on how we behaved here, a Butterfly effect quickly emerged. So far, this is not happening in Life is Strange 2. Unfortunately, what we are doing here only has an Impact on our little Brother and insignificant supporting Characters. Just the Concept of getting two Brothers presented as a theme on a dangerous Journey, I also don't think it makes sense to think, because I am personally reminded here so often of the great and enormously emotional "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons." And last But not Least: Unfortunately, the Places where we have been so far are interesting. Unfortunately, Life is Strange 2 – Episode 1 is not a useful Addition to the Series for me and does not live up to the high Expectations you had as a Fan. The new Part seems to be worse off than the previous Games, and I hope THAT DONTNOD Entertainment will see as soon as possible that they are not on the right Track here.