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Wario Land 3 review
by NafaryusDestiny


Wario Land 3 is more inventive than I remember it being as a kid. It's more puzzle-like and metroidvania than other platformers, only with levels. The artifacts you find will unlock new levels, give you new abilities, or alter the terrain of previous levels. The game tells you which levels have newly unlocked paths, so it helps keep progression nice and smooth. There's a lot of time-wasting inconveniences in this game (like boss fights, slow transformations, bubbles, etc), but playing on Virtual Console allowed me to rewind time for the more egregious level design issues. I also didn't like how many treasures were useless, and how collecting Music Coins only counted if you got all of them in one go. 

Makes for a good weekend distraction, but would only play with the rewinding emulator the switch has.