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STAR WARS Battlefront 2 (2005) review
by T0fug3n

An old game that has a decent community playing it to this day. The amount of content for a single-player session is as good enough as it is playing multiplayer. The modes offer player choice with different classes and vehicles, the music is not originally produced for the game but still fits well for the game, and the voice performance for the clone troopers are great!

However, the game does have some clipping issues when playing as characters with large guns that you hold on your shoulder. In addition, the current state of its multiplayer mode on PC is pretty difficult to find a sizeable server. And the PC controls can be slightly different for experience FPS gamers of other titles like Call of Duty.

Putting the flaws aside, this game is still a fun game to play. It's great with some friends, the in-game content is completely satisfying, and the game is best for Star Wars fans or even FPS players.
«Beaten more than once»

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Perfect with friends
«Better with friends»
8/10 - The perfect multiplayer game
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
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One, if not my favorite FPS, the gameplay is really good, the space battle phases are great, the campaign is nice, the graphics are very pretty for the time, and I still play it regularly with the mods offered by the community that make the game ever richer and add great maps:D I recommend to any Star Wars fan, see everyone, by extension:D
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Well before having a steam account what I could sand this game! Today I rediscover it and always with so much pleasure. The best Star Wars FPS I've been given to see, the classes are very different from each other, and the campaign is perfectly rooted in the SW universe. Nothing to complain about, of course the graphics have more and more evil but are always convincing enough not to sting your eyes.
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This game is huge... Best FPS ever! I've never had a FPS/TPS as realistic worn on a futuristic plane as that. The story is so huge... it resumes the sequel to the saga but a little altered. An excellent game. If we don't understand the Star Wars universe... you have to start by playing this game, and everything will become much clearer. I've been playing this oppus since I was a kid. I played it on PS2/PSP and now PC and it's really an unparalleled experience compared to the competition.
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I bought this Game 3 times once in 2007 for PC, then in 2009 for the PS2, because of the Eatery Multiplayer and in 2014 again for Steam. Star Wars Battlefront by Pademic studios is kept pretty simple, but does what it does pretty well. And is still preferable to EA's Battlefront today thanks to Mods (strictly Star wars Battlefront 3 Legacy and Programs like Gameranger. A Remaster this part would have been 1000 times more dear to me than what DICE published
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Frankly in 2016, a friend of mine advised me this game, being addicted to SWB 2015, I quickly clear it but at Christmas it cost cheaper so I decided to take it and since a new world it is open before my eyes. The campaign is cool but after a while, I got fed up, the same weapons/skin, I could more, so I remembered the ultimate Pack of Bob Lennon and then I did research but did not find it, I was content with the Clone Wars ultimate Pack that I conquered but the same after a certain moment, I got bored and I restarted the search for the ultimate Pack and I fi. ally found my happiness and bug (not to be vulgar)! There are so many possibilities for every era, it's crazy! And now EA has released SWBII new generation that I bought but finally, I was quickly disappointed by noticing that a game of 2005 modded only worth 4 or €9 was better done than a game made in 2017 to €59... So balance, buy this game, model it and if you really want the new, I advise you to wait for it to be in reduction, on this good day/evening 😉
The dumb AI ruins the game. If your AI teammates die, you have less respawns, and they try to die as soon as possible! You can’t enjoy the game when you constantly think about protecting your team that doesn’t help you. If you are lucky to complete almost the entire mission without deaths, one explosion can make you start it over. No fun, really.
The only true Star Wars Battlefront. I hate the EA version. But here I have everything I need to enjoy the game. All characters, including Darth Vader, are unlocked from the beginning, to loot boxes or extra money to win, no mad following the canon, Galactic Conquest. I love this game since I played it on PSP, and the PC version is great too. Highly recommended.