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A Story About My Uncle review
by T0fug3n

This small indie game has an extremely short playtime, but is still fun to explore. It also has some great original music, the 3D graphics has a decent art style, the story is completely subjective to each player's interpretation, and there are a good amount of achievements or unlockable cheats for some amount of replayability.

Although, the game doesn't offer enough to get players going back for more, with its limited amount of puzzles. It also needs work in character animations, and there are a small amount of tracks in the game.

To conclude, the game is still a decent title, and probably one of the best games that Coffee Stain North has ever made yet. It's definitely for people into games that don't have a conclusive story, speedrunners, or just someone looking for good indie games.
«Beaten more than once»

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The story is a bunch of nothing but the gameplay is fun
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Well, so that's my Review of the Game "A Story about my Uncle." The Game was released on May 28, 2014 and was developed by Gone north Games, which work under the Flag of Coffee Stain Studios And later collaborated on the Goat Simulator by Developing DLC'S for him. With this Knowledge you could now think "Ach nee, A Story about my Uncle is certainly such an unwitting Physics Game again." But you would be completely wrong. It's based on the Unreal Engine 4 and in "A Story about my Uncle" you play a Father who tells his young Daughter a good Night Story about his Uncle Fred. In the Story, the Father finds a Suit that his Uncle Fred apparently made, which suits him perfectly. He goes into Fred'S Starry Observatory, and is hurled into the Sky. Later, as he will learn, he finds himself in the inner interior of the Earth. Since his Uncle Fred is missing for a longer time, he sets out with the Suit there in Search of him. He lands on a floating Rock, and tries the Suit straight. From here onwards, the right Gemaplayelement of the Game begins. He finds out that he can jump higher with the Suit and much further than he could on his own. In the same Level, he finds a few Boulders further a mysterious Crystal, which grants him to use an Enterhook with which he can hold on to most Surfaces. The Gameplay with the Mechanics of The Enterhook in Connection with the Jumps works quite well, even if there are some Errors from time to time, in which, for Example, the Enterhook is simply not displayed, even though you are close enough to the Object. Later you will find other Crystals that allow you to use the Enterhooks more often. The Highest Level is 3 times, after which you can't hold on. In addition, rocket boots are introduced a little later, with which you can perform long jumps and save yourself from difficult Situations. When you combine all The Mechanics together, they feel so good and the Handling of The Entershake works well, too. But let's move on to The Graphic. The Graphics are to settle in a fairly good Mediocrity and the different Sections in the Game are well designed. In each Level there is Variety and Difficulty in terms of jumps. Sometimes you just have to pull out of yourself with the Enterhooks long, and sometimes you also have to take a long Jump around the Corner, then swing along the stones with all three Enterhooks, and to get to the Platform then use the Rocket boots. But there is also a small Problem. The Characters are very stock-like animated. Except for Maddie or Mad Maddie ... Uncle Fred and the Village Elders are pretty much all The characters that appear in the Game stock-like and stiffly animated. The Playing Time is about two to three Hours. The Soundtrack sounds great and the relevant People are also well set to music. The Atmosphere works great in the Game. You always Feel like you're in the middle of the story, and you can immerse yourself well in the Game world. My Conclusion: For 12.99 Euros I wouldn't buy the Game as it just has far too little Play time for that. But once it's in the Sale or cheaper to Have on Keystores, you can get it. As long as you like 3D jump 'n Runs. You won't regret it. The whole Review in Video Form: