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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning review
by NafaryusDestiny

Kingdoms of Amalur appears to be a grand RPG in the same vein as Skyrim, Oblivion, Dragon Age, and The Witcher. When you start the game, you quickly realize that this is not the case. But, surprisingly, as you dive even deeper, you realize it doesn't need to be a copy of those experiences and actually holds up on its own surprisingly well.

The story, while typical of high-concept fantasy like this, is fairly strong. There's also plenty of rich side-stories to experience. The combat, however, is where the game really shines. It's over the top, the build customization and variety is great, skills feel good and powerful, and the legendary gear feels satisfying to find and use.
Would recommend for anyone looking for a fantasy world to dive into or for an interesting RPG system to play around with.

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A barebones structure of what could've been an exceptional game
The bare bones of what could've been a stellar RPG. Still worth a go
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Kingdoms of Amalur is one of the Games unauthorized Hardly anyone knows. Even I only got to know the Game over several Corners. Unfortunately, it hasn't been courted so heavily as it's a really very good Game that has captivated me for hours. Of Course, you can't compare the Game to Dragon Age, The Witcher or the Elder Scrolls series. For that, Kingdoms of Amalur feels too "different." But in what it does, it feels fully right. After all, the Game is not fixed at any fixed Class. There are 3 Talent Trees that clearly declare Warriors, Magicians and Villains, but you don't have to commit to any of this in detail. You can also create Hybrid Classes, which, however, feel relatively difficult for the first time Playing. In itself, you can also vary a lot in the set classes themselves, as each Class has three different Types of Weapons that also feel very different in Combat. In terms of Gameplay and Variety, you can spend a lot of Hours playing the Game. You can also invest so much Time in the Game as there is a lot of work to be done. In addition to the Main Quests, there are numerous Side Quests and also factional quest series. Personally, the side and Faction Quests were also a lot of fun for me. A lot of Effort has been put into it to put everything in good spirits. A lot of Quests seem comprehensible and tell a little Story in themselves, which is usually very interesting. The Skin story itself is a bit confusing at first. You finally wake up on a Morgue and you are told that you have been reborn. Everyone rejoices in this, because now, through your Rebirth, you have no Destiny and therefore you can save the Country whose destiny it is to perish. Everything Sounds very confusing and strange at the Very beginning, but as the Game progresses you become more and more enlightened. Unfortunately, it has to be mentioned that Kingdoms of Amalur has a rather tedious Start. You don't understand anything the first three Hours and it doesn't feel like it's going ahead. But it's really worth grazing all that off and then starting into the Game. The Main Story itself was lost again and again (I always did every side quest First). Nevertheless, it was always easy to get back into the Main Event, which becomes more and more interesting as the Game progresses. I also played the DLCs for the Game. The Purchase of those is definitely worth it. First Of all, the Settings of which are different and very interesting and you have a different Story for 10 Hours each, which is also told very well. The only thing I have to complain about in the Game is the Menu guide. Forget this terrible Menu from Skyrim. Kingdoms of Amalur tops that by lengthwise. So things like Items will sell That you don't need, to a far too time-consuming Thing. Of course, Metering is at a very high Level, but I found it very tedious to pack all Items into Plunder, switching from Sub-menu to sub-menu. Finally, I can really recommend the Game to anyone who is into time-consuming and complex action Role-playing games. Kingdoms of Amalur is a very good Surprise Title that you don't have on your Screen, but where every single Penny pays off.