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by NafaryusDestiny

Everspace is not what I expected. Coming from a long-time player of space-sim games like Elite Dangerous and Freelancer, I thoroughly enjoyed the more arcade-like experience that Everspace provides.
The controls are, perhaps, the most important thing to discuss when it comes to a dogfight focused spaceship game. The game is designed for mouse and keyboard, and it is surprisingly easy to control with that scheme. You have complete 6-axis control if that's what you want, which allows for some surprisingly technical maneuvers. You technically can configure it with a HOTAS setup, but I found that experience more frustrating than rewarding.
The game is centered around clearing 7 sectors of space without dying. You manage your fuel and resources and get through zones and repair/upgrade your ship. Every time you die, you get a chance to get permanent upgrades to your ship and pilot using the currency you've collected. Then, you start again. There's a crafting system and resource system that, in my opinion, was overdeveloped. There's more types of resources than there needs to be. They could've executed it more cleanly had they used 4 or 5 types of resources instead of 14.
The story is pretty bare bones. The visuals are pretty amazing. Not much else to say here.
Overall, this is a refreshing sidetrack from my Elite Dangerous adventures. I finished the game after 7 attempts and probably won't be returning to it to do the additional challenges and "endgame" content, but if you thoroughly enjoy the gameplay then there's plenty to do beyond that.

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Microsoft from French
Early access review to the limits of the observable universe and to the controls of your "cuckoo" with antimatter, you wander in search of an answer. Bravant many cosmic enemies such bounty hunters, envenimated factions as well as reluctant stars, the path will be harsh, but as they say, it is not the completion that is paramount but the journey traveled. From stellar systems to systems, facing the omnipresent resistance, you are actually wondering (while blasting intruders to plasma cannons) which ineffable entities or factions might exist out of space-time. Having a rudimentary but effective power to travel at a reasonable fraction of the speed of light, it will definitely not be enough to really go where you want it, but that matter as long as the ore flows afloat in space and technology advances, nothing is impossible. A devilish, cosmic ray-resistant cockpit, technology, reflexes and a thirst for science fiction will be the master ingredients of your "whimsical" journey. Indé-SF-space-shooter shutillating and not finished so additions will follow. Small catch, no support other than Xbox controller and steam controller, but keyboard + mouse handy enough.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free early access review I really fell in love with Everspace. For its original graphics, so every area is a delight to discover. If I hadn't retained myself, I think I would have pressed the screenshot key every five minutes. For its next fights, totally arcade-oriented, they allow very dynamic confrontations where you must use intelligently the weapons and modules at your disposal without falling short of energy. And finally for its exploration side, every new area to collect the resources necessary for your progress (especially the fuel that you will sometimes have to loot in the G&B, even if you sacrifice your Pact of non-aggression). The story is discovered in small touches, the artificial intelligence of your ship sometimes gives you information about the war that has just happened and you will also discover testimonies of former captains by rummaging the carcasses of vessels drifting. In addition to random generation of zones, some events may also appear, such as the presence of a black hole or a signal Jammer that you will first need to hack in order to continue your progress. You will also have secondary goals to validate to get additional credits (destroy a drone by basing it in, shoot down twenty enemies before the second sector, etc.). Even if everything is not yet implemented (the price will rise from elsewhere around €40 once the other two ships, the best management of the VR, the hardcore mode and so on are added), you can already throw yourself on this title. I have already spent more than ten hours and I have only one desire, to go back to continue to improve my ship and explore the Galaxy! Read the full preview on game side story []