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Assassin's Creed review
by Saumit Roy Chowdhury

good game  
«Game over at last!»

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Definetly biased bc of the nostalgy but had a good time and the story is honnestly really solid. Liked the 3 cities and the effort put into historical context. Unfortunately after the first 3 assassinations the game gets extremely repetitive and kinda unnecessarily long. Movement was quite clunky too but most importantly side missions and investigations past the minimum threshold have 0 added value to the story or the assassination missions. It's a shame that each major story block eventually just ends up in a massive fight vs. 30+ guards (although combat mechanics are cool and definetly satisfying).
This game aged. The once revolutionary parkour feels stiffer nowadays, the missions are repetitive, the environments are samey except for the landmarks and combat is clunky. Recommended only if you want to see where the series started
«Sit back and relax»
So slow and buggy voice chat if you don't select english
The first Assassin’s Creed spawned a great series but you can 100% feel that this is the first game. I would recommend people give it a try but the repetitive game play and lack of memorable characters aside the main who is not much of a star himself may not grip everyone. Give it a try when entering the franchise but if you cannot make it through just watch a recap and you’ll get all you need.
«Oh God i managed it»
Initially I was really into this game, however it soon proved to be repetitive and without any motivation (except for plot) to continue to play it further. However fighting and parkour was tremendous fun.
When this first came our, it was so inspired (and inspiring, turns out) and unique.  The attention to historical accuracy, the surprisingly intuitive controls and combat system, the parkour even.  It was, however extremely repetitive.  This game was a proof of concept for what would become one of the most successful action/adventure game series of all time.  Its a piece of gaming history that isn't unbareable to play by modern standards. Highly recommend, but just so receptive, I can't give it the exceptional.
Got excruciatingly tedious pretty quickly to the point I wasn't able to continue playing.
Revolutionary in it's interactability with the world around you but very repetitive in structure
«That ending!»
Extremely repetitive, combat is kinda good parcore is jankey
This game in short is a flawed, but excellent experience. While those may seem contradictory, let me break it down for you. First, it is difficult to get running properly on a modern gaming rig, simply because it was designed for technology that wasn't available almost 15 years ago. There are glitches, not many, and nothing "game-breaking", but a few annoying ones. The game suffers greatly from monotonous plot progression elements, basically go to city, go to district, do some stuff, kill a guy, rinse and repeat many, many times. The collectables are not interesting and provide absolutely 0 benefit in doing them, and what's more, are very easy to lose place on (which is what I did). All that being said, the good in this game saves what could have been a mediocre game, into one that is memorable, definitely worth playing, and is the reason why a massively successful game series was launched from this title. First, the gameplay mechanics are incredibly detailed and well thought out. This is most evident for me in the combat system. I have played this game roughly 5 times beginning to end since the release, and I am STILL finding out different ways you can respond to enemies movements and to turn the battle in your favor. The combat in general is just very fluid and so much fun. I almost didn't mind the repetitive "Save the Citizen" mini-games, because I got to have a cool sword fight. The plot, in my opinion, is one of the best present in any media franchise, movie, tv, game, or otherwise. It is very gripping, very unique, and very well told (though I wish there were subtitles). The graphics have also held up beautifully, especially the environmental ones. All in all, an amazing game if you are willing to work through some kinks.
«Blew my mind»