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Darksiders review
by NafaryusDestiny

Back on its release, Darksiders 1 was described by many as “Legend of Zelda meets God of War.” They weren’t wrong, and the Darksiders series continues to be a blend of other genres with metroidvanias.

The Darksiders games follow the story of the four horsemen of the apocalypse: War, Death, Fury, and Strife. The artistic design is the brainchild of Joe Madureira, comic book artist of Uncanny X-men and Battlechasers. This distinct art-style is the icing on the cake for the hack-and-slash gameplay.

Darksiders 1 is the most Zelda-like of all four titles. There are classic dungeons, classic unlockable items that allow for additional exploration, and tons of areas you can backtrack to in order to unlock health and mana upgrades. Customization is minimal. You always use War’s sword Chaoseater, but have the option of using a Scythe or Gauntlets as your secondary weapon. You also have a few activated abilities you can take advantage of. You do have the ability to change what “enhancement” is attached to each weapon, but the impact they have is pretty minimal. Combat gets repetitive, but it’s balanced nicely with exploration, puzzles, and scripted action sequences.

Some elements of progression are annoying, like leveling-up your weapons. As you kill enemies, your weapons gain miniscule amounts of experience and become more powerful. The main issue is that only the weapon that deals the killing blow gets any experience.

In the remaster, the controls have been mostly untouched. This is simultaneously a good thing (the combat controls in the original were tight) and a bad thing (the aiming in the original was way way too sensitive). Fortunately, it hooks right into Steam’s controller API that allows you complete control over inputs and layouts. I had a few crashes while playing the remaster, but mostly my experiences were positive. Graphics look great.

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Very fun hack & slash in an interesting setting and world. Liam O Brien is peak
Still the best game in the franchise
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Epic Game in The Style of The Legend of Zelda, but with more Blood and another Story. You are playing War, one of the Apocalyptic Horsemen, who rides to Earth, where the Forces of Heaven and Hell plunge into the Final Battle of their eternal Discord, the Apocalypse. Oddly Enough, your Brothers, the other Horsemen, don't show up and your Powers dwindle. Not up To the Power of the Hell Legions, war falls On the Battlefield. To his Astonishment, war is accused by the Fiery council, an Authority designed to keep the Balance between Heaven and hell until the seven Seals of the Apocalypse are broken, of supporting the Hell Legions in an Attack on the Earth and thus Destiny of People to have sealed. Fighting back against the Allegations, Krieg offers to find the Culprits or die at the Company ... The Scenario is well staged, in a Big City that has been completely derelict in The 100 Years that war has been held in captivity and is divided into several Areas, adapted by design to the Demon Ruler who controls the Respective Territory (Lava Swamp, Desert, Spider Nest, jungle and in the Center Derelict City). As in a Zelda game, you move through the Upper World to a Dungeon to solve Puzzles that often have to do with a new Object to be found there, and ultimately defeat the Boss opponent. The Puzzles make you Ponder from time to Time, but don't stop the Fun of the Game. The Combat System is convincing, even if it takes a lot of getting used to at first. Visually, the Game makes a lot of difference and doesn't save on the Blood. In addition, there is even a Value in the Statistics how many litres of Blood you have already shed. The Story is very exciting and convincing all along The line. In addition to your Main Weapon, there are also 2 Secondary Weapons, which are rather mandatory and rarely used. In the Game there are also objects you can collect: Items that increase your health bar, Your Cement display (for Special Attacks), Artifacts that you can exchange with the Dealer For other Items, and Parts of the Base armor, a powerful one Armor That makes you more resistant to Attack. The Special Attacks first Have to be bought from the Retailer for a lot of In-game currency and are rather not worth it as they do little Damage. Better she invests the Money in new Attacks and Potions, that's more effective. The System could have been better developed! In addition, Krieg has a Horse that you get late in the Game, which allows you to move faster through the Game World and carry out stronger Attacks. Unfortunately, this Aspect is also underused, but this has been improved in the 2nd Part. Basically, However, Darksiders does (almost) everything right that a Game of this Genre can only do right and therefore gets a Rating of 9.5/10 from me