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Murdered: Soul Suspect review
by David Brentlinger

I reasonably enjoyed this game.  Nothing fancy or shiny.  A very interesting and compelling story.  At least the two main characters were interesting.  Most of the side characters were forgettable.  But the ending was pretty nuts and it had me on the edge of my seat the whole time!  Who was the Bell Killer?!?

The game mechanics were neat.  It's not too often where games give you wall clipping turned on by default!  I did enjoy not having to retrace my steps to collect a hundred different items I had to skip because I didn't have the "upgrade" yet.  Those games annoy me, to say the least.  This one is fairly straight forward and linear.  The clue finding and crime scene investigation mechanics were pretty lazy, though, when compared to the Arkham games or LA Noire.

Oh yeah, the enemy types was 1, if you don't include the black goop on the ground.  I think it would have been more interesting if there were ANY other enemy types, but nope.  Just the 1.  They were kind of the joke to dispatch, too.  The game would give you a hint saying "Gee, maybe you should sneak by them!" when it takes all of 3 seconds to get rid of one and then gives you the leisure of going wherever you want...  Oh well!

Check it out.  It's a cheap buy for a solid 10+ hours of entertaining story, at least.  If you're looking for more of a challenge, go play Dark Souls.
«That ending!»

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It seems like the game was conceptualized far deeper than it was developed. I tried to gat max out of it and when I saw the final titles before the last side-mission was completed I felt a kind of betrayal. 
«Disappointment of the year»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
A witty Crime Thriller Murdered: Soul Suspect is a very story-related Crime Thriller that reminded me a little of L.A. Noire. Gameplay Attention Spoiler: You die at the Beginning and are a Ghost. The Game is quite linear, you run from one Place to The Next and determine. You look around For Clues and then draw your Conclusions By using the right Clues. Sometimes one, sometimes several. The Game has a lot of Dialogues and Video Sequences that are very well staged. Once you're done at a Crime scene, you walk briefly through the City of Salem (Known for Witch burns!) to reach the next Place. Pretty much everywhere, small collectable Things flash up that reveal something about the Game world: Information about the Killer, his own Wife, about the City or the Witch Burns, for Example. I found it particularly cool that there were collectable Things in each Section (e.g. tin Canisters or the like) that reveal an optional but really well-told Story once you collected all the Items of some Kind. Furthermore, there are a few Side Cases here and there in which a Ghost asks us to find out how the Person died or whether who Is to blame for it. These beautiful Coincidences unfortunately occur only 4-5 times and exclusively in the first Half of the Game, which I personally thought was a great pity. You can't talk to most people (except other Ghosts), but you can take Possession of them and manipulate them or read their Thoughts. You can and must also occasionally play the Poltergeist and let phones, Televisions and Printers play crazy. I still found myself very funny, that I walked through the Doors, although you can also just walk through every Wall. Me and a Friend I played the Game with had to laugh at our Stupidity several times. The Exception here is bluish-luminous Walls and Objects, as they originate from the Spirit World and are not passable. On the Gameplay, there are occasional demons that you either sneak past or kill them from behind via action buttons. Ronan (the Protagonist) learns a few new Skills about the Game, so you shouldn't be surprised if sometimes you don't get anywhere yet. Searching and sometimes running for a little bit bothered me, but was still tolerable. It was a Little more annoying, as the Game originally came out for Console, that sometimes you can't disagree with anything as the Angle doesn't fit. (Maybe you prefer to play with Controllers after all) Story Man plays Ronan, a Salem Police Department (SPD) detective. A Serial Killer, the "Bell Killer," constantly kills young Women. At the Outset, there is a Reference to the Whereabouts of the Killer and Ronan is first and Only At the Scene. Of Course, he does not wait for Reinforcements, goes in and is directly murdered. Since the Game cannot end here, he stands up again as a Ghost and continues to investigate in the Case. For it is only when he has solved his Problems that he can ascend to his Wife, Julia, in Heaven. I don't want to give away too much now, but can say that the Story is very good and you really learn a little more about the Killer step by Step. What'S important is the Fact that there are Media (not television, but People who can talk to Ghosts), as Ronan can make himself understood to other People about it. Graphics The Game is a Console Import (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 for the first time) and That's what it looks like. The Atmosphere is very gloomy and, as the Developers wanted, is ghostly. The Darkness, mixed with red and blue Lights make for a wonderful chilling Atmossphere. Verdict Murdered Soul Suspect offers pleasant Gameplay and an even nicer Story. If you like to read, you can read the many Additional Information (worth it!). Otherwise, you can also just play through the Game that is perfectly set to music. I bought the Game for £2.50 in nem Square Enix Offer, so you need to know if you want to spend £30. (Sooner or later it's on offer anyway) Unfortunately, the Game does not have a special Replay value, except perhaps to collect all the Clues. Even though the Running Has annoyed me a little bit at times, I can only recommend it to others as it's a really good Game. Did the Review help you? Then follow me in my Steam Group, where I write my Reviews as a Curator.
Interesting game for the first half of it, but same boring mechanics and not very intriguing plot is killing it.