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Life is Feudal: MMO review
by arikuza

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«Disappointment of the year»

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Early Access Review The Non-Steam time included, I should now have about 4000 Hours of play under my Belt. As it has been hammering more and more negative Reviews recently, I would simply like to address a few Of these Criticisms. Here are the Classics: Pay to Play By Additional Ticket purchase When buying a Game Package (Pagan, for example), you get not only 1 Character ticket but also 10000 Gods Favor (equivalent to one Ticket). These Benefits are credited to the Account. It has now happened several Times that the Synchronization of Steam did not take effect to The LiF account and was thus asked to buy a Ticket as soon as one tried to leave the Tutorial Island. In this Case, Steam and Launcher restart or Contact support in an Emergency. Deletion of the Charter and no Refund of the Character Ticket Also read Again and again, garnished with the Accusation there would be no Indication of it. This is simply lied and own Ineptitude. When Trying to delete his Char, which by the way has to be confirmed by Re-entering the Name, it is expressly and unpermissive that the Ticket for this Choir will not be refunded. In my Opinion, there is also no rational Reason to delete a Char At all. One cannot sell to the Crown and therefore not earn any Coins. The explicitly applies only to the Realm Avalon and is so intended. Problem can be solved by simply changing the Realm via piety/prayer for a Wide Journey. Game is only suitable for Groups that is mostly true but not exclusive. You can play this game on your Own. However, This requires an enormous Amount of Time and also the Possession of several Chars to cover important Skills. The Game is defined for Groups. How to distribute negative Reviews for this is a disgusting one for me. Can't do the Game for people's false Expectations if necessary. Informing Before helps. Negative Reviews for several hundred or even thousands Of hours of Play Here gets really ridiculous. How can you get a Game that you seem to have liked so much that you invest several hundred and thousands of Hours with a negative Review? Of Course, there are always things that you may not like In a Game development, but that doesn't change the Time already experienced. Absolutely implausible. So Much for the usual negative reviews. Here is my personal List of Pros and Cons: Pro: Free-to-shape World Through extremely extensive Terraforming-Good construction System with prefabricated designs, which makes me better Looks than, for example, in completely free Construction Systems ala ARK. The construction System is still flexible enough. -Verchiedene Realms with different Rulesets (PVP, RP). To What extent that is then implemented on the new announced great Realm. -Complex Crafting System. Occupations are interdependent. Presupposes Group or Old. -High Long-term Motivation WENN is Able to set its own bigger Goals. -PVP on all Realms. Depending on the Realm, there are limitations when it comes to the Possibility to damage other Claims/. Cons:-Steep Learning Curve. Even though the Tutorial is probably a bit more extensive now, the Game is unfortunately very economical with Information. Wiki is outdated in places. -Information Policy of the Devs Is unfortunately a Horror. -Patch Changes often do not appear through and then have to be readjusted or changed again afterwards. Sometimes Seems a bit unprofessional. -The Prices in the Shop for Skins etc are ridiculously high. Although these are optional and not necessary, I wonder if they would not benefit much more at more humane Prices for, for example, Armaments skins.