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Earth 2150 Trilogy review
by KawaiiMuaii

I doubt anyone ever will read this review, because the game is very old and not quite popular, but to be it was one of the most perfect RTS I ever played. I won’t go deep into details, but the game is simply brilliant in all its aspects. I played it first back in 2002 when it came out, and I replayed it now to find out that true diamonds never age. If you love and respect RTS as a genre, find it and play it, it’s worth your time.
«Can’t stop playing»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
It's not just the Nostalgia effect that makes this Game good. This Game an RTS like you want it to be. + Many Research Opportunities. + Vehicles Self-equipping (The Main Weapon and Shield) + Units gain Experience (even if you can only see this in terms of things) + Very good Maps + man can deform landscapes with Construction Equipment and build better Defensive Positions. + Air, Land, Water and Underground areas + Balanced Faction + Many good Cards and the Community also provides some. + For Old ne good Graphics and beautiful Abiente. + Interesante and demanding Campaign. Except for which the AI sometimes has to suspend, there are no negative Points that come up. Except that the Version relatively unstable sometimes runs on new computers, but so far there is to every Problem ne Solution. Earth 2150 is better than its Predecessor and is also better than its Successor on many Points. Although both are also good Games.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So I find the Game now just more shit .. .. The Frustration Factor is very high, and it is very unwieldy from the Hand in terms of operation. .. I find a Cheekiness that in the first Missions you get almost no Resistance from any Opponents at the Beginning, then later suddenly you have to fight against 3 Enemies, although you are not yet familiar with the Technologies. .. The EInties also go much further than you would like to go into the generic Base. .. If you click back they drive them still for a few Seconds .. .. Very sluggish and nerve-consuming .. .. And constantly you have to be careful that you do not Send Repair units with you to the Slaughterfield, or with the Base no Vans or Bulldozers, because you select all the units at once, Double Waste on the Units while they are driving also does not use anything to Select all the same Unit Type. .. Also sometimes there Are units, so they don't stir for a few Seconds or more while under Rocket Fire, very strenuous .. .. Also, Units sometimes drive complete Detours just because a Waysysist Is only briefly "clogged" by passing units. And constant Ammunition deliveries, and if you then select all Egg sides again, you also select the ammunition delivery helicopter right away, and have to assign it again from the front. .. Even the constant return and Forth of the Resources to the Main Base is very desolate. The Developers apparently wanted to create a more realistic Game, but gave it up for me, because it Destroys a lot of Game fluid for me. .. And this insane Frills is just frustrating to me .. C & C Generals makes everything almost better for me. .. The MG also use it almost nix for The defense of Aircraft, since the Aircraft apparently endure more than some Ground Vehicles, and whether now Rocket Fire from aircraft or MG-it makes no Difference in terms of Damage. Very desolate, if such a small shit plane can endure as much as a Floor tank .. .. If you let it be fired at with Missiles .. .. Also, the Rockets shoot constantly next to it .. .. And the Planes are flying back and forth .. .. The Game seems like it has a lot of Potential .. .. But it just seems very unpolished .. .. And if you set the Speed of Play slower, the Einths start to "jerk." So when they drive .. .. They no longer drive "fluently .." .. But "shrug" along the Trail, where you just send it. .. Very bad.. .. The Game seems very wooden to me .. .Rather no more ..