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Parasite Eve review
by XV

I had a blast with Parasite Eve, I didn't play it when it came out and I'm really glad, this game is an instant classic and deserves a lot more attention, I think that it has aged better than Resident Evil. Even the cliche dialogue and characters didn't break my experience and I really like Aya as a protagonist and also the story was good and interesting, the music is amazing (Yoko Shimomura always delivers I guess) and the combat is what I really enjoyed the most. Is not brutally difficult but is also not that easy, it has a nice balance. My only issue is that at the very end you have to rely on luck in a crucial thing, and I wasn't lucky 2 times so... give yourself a favor and choose left and then up, you're welcome.
«Blew my mind»

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Finished on June 9, 2018 (PS1).


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