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This entry is like an apology for the first game, there's no more convoluted plot, no more 8 characters, no more linear game play, if you didn't like those things but nonetheless liked the first one then this game's for you or maybe not. In my case I didn't care much about the linear gameplay but I did care about the hard to follow story, don't take me wrong tho, the story is easy but what was so annoying is that it has te be so filled with names and systems and unnecessary complex stuff. Anyways, here the combat is solid and the premise is fun, I like a lot that is like a new take on the story of the first game but maintains a lot of the themes that make it interesting like fighting destiny or gods, but now you can time travel. The music for the most part is really good, you can chill out to a lot of songs and also you have this epic stuff in the boss battles. As for the characters, they're somewhat dull as in the past entry but have some really strong moments, specially in the end. Is not by any means a great entry or sequel but it entertains you from the beginning till the end.
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Play this as a stand-alone game and ignore FFXIII and FFXIII Lighting Returns, it is the best post 2008 FF game (excluding remasters and game mods such as Brave New World for FF6 or New Threat 2.0 for FF7) to date and you will ike it easily if you liked Chrono Trigger, which this game is a spiritual successor of
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The second Part of the Trilogy is so much better implemented and thought through that it shocked me only how big the Differences between Part one and two are, but this Part shines with so much more!. The Shells are much more structured and you can follow it better. The Characters are super great, the Development of the Characters reminds me of the old classics where the Main Characters evolved with the Events and thus grow. Super beautiful Game!. Unfortunately, you can't say about the first Part.
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Steam should be able to let us award 1-5 Stars at the Rating, not just positive and negative. Then my Rating would be ★ ★ ★. Let's Start with the most serious negative: The Quality of the Port. I'm not quite sure where SquareEnix 60fps wants to have measured in the Game, with me the Fights were relaxed at 15fps, without which any visual Effect would have taken place through a Spell or other Attack at all. Would claim with 16gb RAM, an FX8350 and a 770GTX MY PC belongs to the healthy Middle Class. Don't Have Problems with the Frame rate in any Game, just here. From Start to Finish Graphic Ruckler, but still tormented me to learn how the Story continues and to form a final Verdict for me. Graphic & Horse Performance: ★ ★ ★-The Game is tailored To Top Rigs, everyone without Top PC inevitably has rucklers, Graphics options except for Shade and Edge Smoothing do not exist, and these Can't even be switched off completely. Story: ★ ★ ★ ★--Well, more of the same. Those who were able to make friends with XIII will also be able to find their way around here. But You can see Part 3, Lightning Returns, must have once belonged to 13-2, perhaps as a DLC that then evolved into Lightning Returns. The End is unsatisfactory. In February, when LR appears you are hopefully more satisfied than at the End of 13-2 .. Soundtrack: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★-Since I would like to award a 6. ★. Top. Even though I hate J-Rock, the following has stuck in my Mind. The Rest, of course, is just as good. Thought with the Departure of Nobuo Uematsu At The Beginning of the Millennium, SE would have lost its good Composer. But The current one also does well, just different. Emotional emotions: ★ ★ ★ ★-The End of 13-2 must stay in one's Mind because it was almost shocking. Also otherwise there never had any Outliers where I would say ~ Man was now plump. Conclusion: Anyone with Top Calculator, so upwards in the €1,200 range can strike without hesitation. Everyone else has to ask themselves before Buying if they can live with Rucklers, partly Slideshows in Boss Fights (Example: The Rematch against His Royal Ripeness). When SE spoke of Graphics options, which is supposed to come to 13-2 was lied to the Customer in a hard-hard eye. Calling a Minimum of unlockable 1024x1024 shadows and x2 FXAA as Graphics Options is a Joke.