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Dying Light review
by Amun Akta

It's is a pretty good zombie game.

At first I thought that it was going to be just another stupid, bad, cliche zombie game. But the inclusion of parkour mechanics and free running really mixed things up a bit. As well as the degradable weapons and weapon attachments. 

The combat mechanics were pretty solid. Both melee and shooting are really good. 

When you crack a head with a hammer or blow it with a bullet or curb stomp a zombie, it fells really satisfactory. (please don't call the police)

The story is a bit cliche, but cliche doesn't mean bad. It's just ok. The obvious focus of this game is the parkour and the combat. The story takes a step back to the rest of the game.

Overall, pretty nice.
«Sit back and relax»

Other reviews3

A very boring game that isn’t balanced well. Even after hours you spend playing it, your character isn’t strong enough to fight properly. And this really frustrated me. I can’t enjoy this piece of trash and I don’t want you to suffer like me.  
Unlike many zombie games, Dying Light is focused on parkour rather than on shooting, and I think this idea is brilliant. Running and jumping here is very satisfying, really the best part of the gameplay. You also get a lot of content and free DLC - and I bet, you’ll spend many hours playing it. The variety of zombies is also great, it’s nice to fight them or sometimes human. A highly recommended game.  
«Better with friends»