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Dying Light review
by Amun Akta

It's is a pretty good zombie game.

At first I thought that it was going to be just another stupid, bad, cliche zombie game. But the inclusion of parkour mechanics and free running really mixed things up a bit. As well as the degradable weapons and weapon attachments. 

The combat mechanics were pretty solid. Both melee and shooting are really good. 

When you crack a head with a hammer or blow it with a bullet or curb stomp a zombie, it fells really satisfactory. (please don't call the police)

The story is a bit cliche, but cliche doesn't mean bad. It's just ok. The obvious focus of this game is the parkour and the combat. The story takes a step back to the rest of the game.

Overall, pretty nice.
«Sit back and relax»

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Pra quem gosta de um bom parkour, combate com armas brancas e zumbis é um prato cheio. A história em si não me chamou tanta atenção, mas a gameplay foi viciante.
«Can’t stop playing»
Peak sandbox. The world is fun to explore thanks to the fantastic movement. Combat is solid and the story is pretty engaging, aside from the horrid final boss.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
The parkour system of this game is on another level as well as smashing the head of the zombies. The Nighttime mode can surely make your neck numb for some moments. 
«Can’t stop playing»
The story is boring and the final boss is crap, HOWEVER this is the best zombie game out there. Traversal and combat are fantastic and the world is a joy to go through
«Blew my mind»
as someone who seeks good stories and deep characters i couldn't find them in this game but this game is so good at being a game it doesn't matter at all. it is fun, city of harran is well builded and it feels great exploring it. there is always action if you play it right. sometimes it is a hack-and-slash and sometimes it is running from stronger zombies. i would definitely recommend it.
A very boring game that isn’t balanced well. Even after hours you spend playing it, your character isn’t strong enough to fight properly. And this really frustrated me. I can’t enjoy this piece of trash and I don’t want you to suffer like me.  
Unlike many zombie games, Dying Light is focused on parkour rather than on shooting, and I think this idea is brilliant. Running and jumping here is very satisfying, really the best part of the gameplay. You also get a lot of content and free DLC - and I bet, you’ll spend many hours playing it. The variety of zombies is also great, it’s nice to fight them or sometimes human. A highly recommended game.  
«Better with friends»