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Kentucky Route Zero review
by Curious_Cat

Playing Kentucky Route Zero makes me feel like I'm back in high school reading a book no human actually wants to read and I'm expected to write an essay afterwards on the actual meaning. In this case I'm not so sure there is a deeper meaning. Kentucky Route Zero stays intriguing after the first chapter, falls off a bit during the second and third chapters then quickly loses any semblance of a coherent story. If I hadn't known it was such a short game I would have abandoned it after the first couple of hours. As it was, I struggled to have the desire to finish it.

Date Completed: 2020-02-27
Playtime: 7h (feel asleep while playing a few times)
Enjoyment: 1/10
Recommendation: Please, no, don't.

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I enjoyed moments, I've been puzzled by others. In moments you begin to see meaning it rings profound. In moments where the narrative looses me it also moves me along with interesting visuals to make me catch up. It feels lost, in a right way. Small criticism include that the intendet way to play is sometimes too difficult too read, making it hard to stay focused in some scenes. Fair warning: If you dont like reading in video games, skip Kentucky Route Zero. It is an interactive novel with 3d environments more than a game.  Well I'll keep on traveling, meet you along the way.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
When I see all the positive evaluation that at this game, I feel like I was the only one to have been drunk and lost in less than 2 hours of play... A totally creepy atmosphere that gives the impression of having a fart ' in the helmet. The realization does not lack originality but it is clearly too much for me. Yet I made twisted games.