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by OhoVysn1a

Got really boring after like a day of playing. I dont reccomend it, unless you buy it on sale..
«Waste of time»

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Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A good Very dynamic game. One is either Shark or Diver. There are 4 Divers and 2 Sharks in the Game. Shark: You can choose between different Types of shark. So the Palette goes from the white Shark (the Tank) to the Tiger Shark (a good All-rounder) to The Mako (extremely fast). All of them are Melees, so they have to "run to the Enemy." To get through this, Speed and, of course, a bit of Sneakiness is ^^ in demand. A good Knowledge of the respective Map (there are 12 of them in normal Mode) also helps, which, Incidentally, applies to both Sides, Shark and diver. Diver: The Divers have the following Tasks: They have to protect their Robot (S.T.E.V.E.), because it cracks the Treasure Chests. Furthermore, they do well to collect the small Treasures lying around and hand them over to the Steve, because this also puts Money in the Cash Register. The deserved can then be spent on better Weapons and Aids. For this is also urgently needed in order to achieve the Main Goal of Resisting the sharks and getting through the Battle. The individual Rounds are on Average about 10 to 15 minutes long. Attention!!! The Game has Addictive Potential! I can only recommend it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
In itself a good Game with a Lack of Girth. The Controls and the Shooting Mechanics of the Divers feel very direct and player-friendly as they largely refrain from Realism. The Gameplay as well as the Control of the Sharks also feels very good and is quite well Implemented. Basically, the Game has only 2 Problems which leave it in a slightly worse Light. 1. The Scope: You only have 2 Game Modies, of which only one is played, but this one is relatively good. 2. Seih it to 2t as a Shark or with the other Divers, one will quickly notice that Skill Is worth far less than Teamplay or Cooperation with the Partner. There, however, is usually a problem. As a Shark, for example, it is very easy to switch to advantages in a timely manner, which does not work if your Colleague always swims blindly into the Divers and wastes valuable Ticktes. Likewise with the Divers. VLT is it just above that the Game is in the sale. Something else about the main game mode: Every Team, whether Sharks or Divers, have a certain Number of tickets and start with little evolutionary point/Money As a Diver you have the Task Of following a diving Robot Which opens in (mostly) old Shipwrecks Chests, beside it You should also collect Treasures, The Chests serve as a kind of Point where you have to entrench yourself for one Time until you advance to the next. In the course of this you get more Money and Can buy Upgrades, Weapons and Gadgets which you can keep for the rest of the Round. If all chests are open it goes back to the Ship, The Divers win if they manage this or kill all The sharks. The Task as a Shark is relatively simple, You either have to decimate the Diving Tickets or attack the Diving Robot. Killing the Divers is mostly the Easier Way, Stump attack is defiantly pointless ticket Shipment. Even as a Shark, you get "upgrades" in the Course of the round to keep up with the better Arsenal of Divers. In itself, the Game and the Gamemodi are quite nicely implemented. Unfortunately, the game offers no more than that. With Friends, however, it could also provide entertainment for a slightly longer Time.