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Halo: The Master Chief Collection review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Original Review:

These games hold up very well and playing them all in different orders is a great way to play it. I put a ton of hours into this multiplayer and I also beat every campaign again. The early campaigns were better than the new ones. I don’t even know what else to say about halo. It was the best when it came out. It’s still really fun to this day.

Pre Halo Infinite Series X Replays:
Still got it! As in halo still feels good and I’m still a boss. Nostalgia plays a factor for sure but the fact that I can still play all these old multiplayer games and they still feel so crisp and fun is impressive. God I hope Infinite is good. I’m so ready for some quality modern Halo.

Ive been playing halo 3 the most this time around. It is for sure the best halo for its time. Im convinced of that.

Campaigns coop replays:

Halo Reach:
I don’t remember this campaign at all. Think I’ve only ever played it once. I felt little nostalgia but it was the first campaign we played so there was no exhaustion either. Not bad. Not too long. An alright start. I still think the gunplay in reach feels off compared to the others.

Halo Combat Evolved:
This game gives me huge nostalgia. Strong opening. The game still feels good. I love switching between the original and the updated game.

CE is great. The missions are challenging but fun. They have a solid arcadey feel to them.

I love the flood missions. They are my favourite so far. The shotgun feels great.

Finished. Pretty fun campaign. The nostalgia was great, but I was also impressed with the campaign design. It is pretty solid and has some memorable missions. The flood are a great enemy. The final mission is a fun way to end it. I will say it’s probably an hour too long. If a couple of the missions were shortened up a bit it would be improved. Still this campaign will place upper half I think.

Halo 2 Anniversary:
They did such a good job remaking these cutscenes. I can’t tell if they have re done them again to bump them up to 4K? They must have because they look so good. The opening cutscene is so good in this one. The opening mission is pretty solid too. The bomb cutscene was so cool. Really makes chief a bigger badass in this one. 

Okay CE was fun but this is way better. They make so many improvements in this game. And with the remade cutscenes everything looks so good. The story is more fun to. A big jump. Great campaign. If I’m guessing right now, I’d say halo 2 is going to be my favourite. 

Once again I’ll say it. These cutscenes are so well done. I’m enjoying them a lot. K that’s the last time. 

Duel wielding was awesome. This sword is awesome too. High jacking vehicles is great. They really figured out what they wanted to do in this one.

Finished. Loved it. Very fun 

Halo 3:
The start is a bit generic storyline wise and environment wise for the first 3 missions. But the large scale open combat is pretty fun. Not a bad start.

The flood ship was pretty sweet.

Im enjoying the vehicle missions a lot. Halo 3 has a much larger scale to it than H2. Its a nice addition. Killing scarabs was quite fun. I think H2 still has a cooler story overall, which is a bit unfair since the remade cutscenes draw me in so much more, but still. Fortunately H3 adds to the gameplay and scope in a very effective way.

The final two missions to H3 are so fun. Probably the best enemies and gameplay so far in the series. I could go without the chief cortana love interest. I’m not a big fan of that. But the other stuff was super cool. Overall great campaign. Barely lower than H2 which is only higher because I really enjoyed the remake and the story.

Halo 4:
The opening mission and cutscene is great. Strong start. And I like the way H4 feels. So I may actually really like this if the story is at least serviceable. I don’t need a full on chief and cortana thing though. And the first cutscene with promethians I still think looked dumb.

Next three promethian missions were all pretty fun. The environments have been really cool. The game looks nice. The didact guy looks kind of funny. But a lot of other stuff looks cool. 

The story isn’t as good in this one. It’s not bad. But I don’t like it as much. I don’t like the vibe to it. The middle act of campaign was so-so. A few less interesting missions.

Beat it. It’s fun but the second half isn’t as good as the first. It’s worse than CE. Still I enjoyed it though. The final mission and cutscene is pretty good. The didact is dumb though.

Halo 5:
Yes I know halo 5 isn’t in the MCC but I’m ranking it here so I’m talking about it here.

Ive grown to love the feel of H5. The modern additions work for me. The new guns are generally improved as well. They definitely improved the promethean weapons. First couple missions are fun but generic. Which is okay because the new guns and environment are enough to keep it fresh at the start. The first couple cutscenes are also not bad, but sort of generic also.

Played with Hayden as well and on legendary  it was very difficult but very fun. The game feels good and the enemies feel better in this campaign, but the story is dumb, and the cutscenes are dumb. Hayden put it best. It’s like they made it into an anime. It’s not what I want. Fun to play though. A great experience still.

Finished it. The campaign style I’d say gets a bit repetitive but the gunfights on legendary with two others was pretty great still. I think the story is pretty dumb. The guardians bullshit isn’t good. This one is hard to rank appropriately because I definitely enjoyed it more playing with 3 people. I’m putting it above halo 4 because the firefights were better.

This experience of playing through all the campaigns was very enjoyable. I loved it.

Final campaign rankings, best to worst:
Halo 2
Halo 3
Halo Combat Evolved
Halo 5
Halo 4
Halo Reach

Final Score: A

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it's 5 games in a collection, halo is amazing - just don't try to play all the 5 in a row, you will get bored with how repetitive it is by the time you're playing the 2nd.
I mean, come on. Halo 1 but it looks soooo much better and you can switch between new and old graphics instantly with a button press.  Same for Halo 2.  Halo 3 isn't remastered but its the best in the main series.  ODST is such a fun departure. Reach is the actual best in the series.  This is would be an incredible collection without the multiplayer, but they got the multiplayer in there too!
the quality of this collection is unconsistant and make a bad experience. It s stupid things not well think that kill the whole. At least we the implemented high framerate. Im angry to have buy this, i should have just does on emulator