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Saints Row review
by Montaholic

Probably the only game series to combat GTA and this was the first. Rather than have a story like GTA San Andreas they made it much more different whilst also keeping the gang life representation in there. Your boss essentially Julius Little is actually a cool dude, and the reason why he started the gang was so he could rid the city of crime by being the crime. The ending was surprisingly a great twist and subverts your expectations well I prefer the free aiming more than the classic GTAs and GTA IV's shooting, had a big open world from the get go, did the smart thing and gave your character a gun first 10 minutes so you can mess around and have fun without dealing with boring get one guy who's in one place to another place missions. The game is extremely repetitive however, with a pretty dumb idea that you need to complete side missions to fill a respect bar. Once that bar is full you can play the actual story. The game would've been 100x better if instead of making the side missions mandatory, you just made them SIDE missions. The customisation is also great, I enjoyed the games surprising encouragement of customisation, with each bit of clothing giving you a respect boost so the game is less repetitive. I actually prefer this game of GTA III, and IV so yeah, play it if you haven't already, it's fun although it does have a repetitive side. 8/10
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»

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More serious than Saints Row has come to be known as, but they pull it off.  It still doesn't take it's self too seriously, though.  If you enjoy the older GTAs, you will also enjoy this, you may even prefer it, I do.
Was fun but better game came along