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iRacing review
by harmag

iRacing is so much more than just a game. If you're planning to jump online from time to time and do a race or two with your friends, then maybe you should consider a different game. iRacing delivers a full racing package. It's built to make you a better driver. It enforces discipline and focus. And if you approach it seriously, it will consume a lot of your time, but believe me - it is worth it.

iRacing drivers are really good. I mean REALLY good. In order to do well in a race, you need to do well in qualifying first, and in order to do well in qualifying, you need to practice a lot. If you skip practice, and you jump right into the race, you will only frustrate your self, but most importantly - other drivers. So you need to do it slowly. My regular week included 2-3 practice sessions between Monday and Friday, with qualifying and actual race on Saturday and/or Sunday. This game really took a lot of my time, but the memories are unforgettable. It also made me a better driver - after spending so much time with iRacing, I've finally managed to win my company's go-karts tournament :)
«Blew my mind»

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Extremely expensive to play. The monthly subscription is only a beginning, then you have to pay for each track and car separately.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Any Person who wants to race on the PC at a professional level is in good Hands at iRacing. Certainly the associated Costs are primarily a deterrent, but if you just deal with the System for a quiet Minute, you will quickly realize that it is not that expensive at all. For example, I have been involved continuously since 2008, using an Annual Contribution and saving a good 25% of the normal Price on my Own. It becomes Interesting when the so-called Black Fridays come, iRacing specifically announces Members before the Expiry of the Subscription and attracktiv offers an Annual Extension. Cost a Year 99 Dollars, so you usually get it already offered for 75 or even 49 Dollars. It is clear that I will be happy to take Advantage of the Annual Extension. Generally speaking, the longer you binds, the more Discount you get. I have to say that I am a 100% Content Owner and have invested a lot of Money in order to be able to take advantage of the entire Spectrum. For example, if you Drive two different series completely per Season (a 13 Weeks), you get a maximum of 10 iRacing Credits, which you can then have charged either with your Subscription or with new Content. So You also get something back, which I think is very nice. Furthermore, iRacing has changed enormously since 2008 and has achieved a Status in the Simracing Industry, so that real Racers can also use the Service and with good Luck you can also come across one of the well-known Drivers in the Service, E.g. Christopher Mies, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Frank Biela. Not only on the real Piste but also in The iRacing Service, the real Racers have something on the Box. You Don't like to believe at all. Unfortunately, the Graphics are slowly moving into the Years, which Is why iRacing has been working on the Port on DX11 For a number of years and is expected to come in 2016. Of course, the User will then continue to be offered the Choice between DX9 and DX11. Recently, Dynamic Track Conditions Has delighted the iRacing Community, after which the respective Track is gradually changing. This is how the Griplevel increases per Curve. There are visibly so-called Marbles (Rubber Roots), which detach from each Tire. You have to make Changes to tyre pressure during a long hour Race, etc. So We are being asked for it. I'm totally thrilled. The official iRacing System makes You want to find your own Goals, improve its so-called iRating and drive with time against ever stronger real human Opponents. The System is intelligent, but also punishes all Contact on and off the Track (Safety Rating). The Soundscape is fine, but could also be a little more vivid for my Taste. The Environments seem a little static, a little animated so that improvements will certainly take place here. All Tracks have been created with Laser Scanners and modelled in The Aftermath, allowing you to travel a Millimetre accurate Racetrack. And soon the long-awaited Nürburgring will join him. Not just the GP track, but the entire Nordschleife. All in all, it is my Opinion the Simulation on the current Market and can only recommend it as a Simracer. However, One should always keep in Mind that the entire Service is not free and is always associated with Money. And if you don't Feel like the official Service, you can also join one of the many private Leagues and just give with like-minded Gas. It's just Fun:)