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Destiny 2 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Initial Review:
Destiny 2 had a strong opening. I thought it looked very good and I enjoyed the actual campaign portion. I only ever played solo and once I beat the main campaign I stopped playing very quickly. The end game stuff didn’t interest me and I though the sense of progression died out too quick. This game was almost an A-.

Initial Score: B+

Journal Style Review:
Okay this is the first time I’ve cared about cross play. I played destiny 2 on PlayStation and now I’m wanting to play the expansions on gamepass and I was not looking forward to having to start from scratch. The cross play was really easy to set up.

Not a great first session just because it was so confusing. I want to remember how the game works and how to pick up quests. And even how to find waypoints and things. It’s not the type of game you can just wander around aimlessly. There needs to be reasons to do things.

I really only want to do the campaigns, which I’ve googled how to do, but I’m concerned they won’t be fun because I will be so over leveled? There won’t be any sense of progression which is the whole point... I’ll give it a shot but I’m not so sure I’m going to actually play these.

Starting curse of’s too easy. Biggest complaint so far is that it isn’t balanced for power level 750, which is what it starts you at. So like what the fuck. And it’s a bummer too because the gunplay is really good. The gun variety is nice at the beginning at least. Lots of guns feel good so far. The enemies are fun to shoot at because they do a lot of interesting weak spots and immune spots, so from a gameplay perspective it’s entertaining. The actual art designs are kind of boring in a generic kind of way but not too bad. The environment is fun in a cheesy light hearted way as well.

Finished Osiris. It was fine. A bit generic. I only died once so there was no challenge which hurt it. This did not increased my score.

Start of Warmind. More of the same so far. Some firefights are getting a bit tougher...but I’m still not dying and I’m not getting a lot of loot so I’m getting bored of using the same guns.

I googled and realized I need to pick up guns from this robot mailman and need to do this quest so I can use these Engram things. It’s been more fun now that I’m getting new guns again. It took a lot of googling to figure out how to do everything though. Too much googling.

Uhh I beat Warmind. I didn’t realize the worm fight was the final fight. Pretty short and lame expansion actually. Well on to the forsaken.

Opening prison break mission of forsaken is better than any mission from the previous two expansions. The cutscenes were actually good. The action was pretty cool. The new enemy design looked cooler than most. There was some comedy in there also, I chuckled at least once. Strong start. I hope it keeps it up. This feels more like a real campaign.

I loved the second mission as well. The style of this game is way better. The enemies and environment is more to my taste. And the gameplay and guns I currently have are both very fun. Plus it’s harder. It’s not stupidly easy anymore.

The game forces you to do some bounties next which was actually an appropriate time for me to learn about bounties and to complete some of the public events. I won’t do a lot of these though. I still prefer traditional missions and think these events get repetitive fast. 

I’m a big fan of the bow you get in this expansion. It’s sweet. Going around hunting these bosses is very fun. It’s great gameplay too. This forsaken dlc is about the same quality as my first impression of the base game. It’s a very high B+. Like just barely below an A-.

I’ve said it before but I need to say it again. The gameplay is really good. It’s the games biggest strength. It’s a fast paced and feels so smooth. The repetitive structure of the game is not as big an issue because the guns are so fun to use and the combat feels so precise.

Finished forsaken. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Partly because the environment, story and enemies were better, but also because I just had a better understanding on how things work. I was getting better gear and actually making progress. 

Start of shadowkeep. First impression is I don’t hate the aesthetic of moon. Opening mission was not bad.

After playing for maybe 4 hours in this dlc It’s getting a bit repetitive again for me. Forsaken was the peak. 

These “campaign” missions are getting cheap. Kill 100 enemies is not a mission this deep in a game. I’ve already free roamed your moon map. It’s overkill.

Finished the campaign. I was pretty bored by the end. It gets too repetitive and there aren’t enough missions that are actually designed so the enjoyment is very heavily reliant on how much I like the guns I have. The original base game score was a very high B+. If I reviewed these 4 expansions as a complete independent product, it would have only been a mid level B+. 

Final Score: B+

Other reviews13

«Can’t stop playing»
«Beaten more than once»
I swear to god, Bungie butchers this game more and more with each and every update. The removal of SBMM seals the deal; this is quite possibly one of the worst balanced games ever.
«Buggy as hell»
«Waste of time»
I see the addicting qualities, but over all the game suffers from many flaws. Combat, enemies and level design are all extremely repetitive and lackluster. Skins and weapons are in variety, but this does not make up for the terribly basic combat. the story is also extremely bad and full of exposition. This game is appealing to some, but to those who want quality games.. well then you will be sorely disappointed.
A good game, well balanced and great to play with friends.
«Better with friends»
Never played Destiny 1. Never really played modern online games and my only experience was with Unreal Tournament and Quake 3. Oh, those times... 

So I approach Destiny 2 as a fresh and casual solo player. I was not disappointed. The basic story was OK, the "Osiris" expansion was a disappointment, but "Warming" was OK. Shooting is fun. I was a bit worried about all these other players (I've heard stories about online games), but it turned out ok. Public events were fine. I'm a solo player, so I'm missing a lot of stuff Destiny 2 has to offer, but as long as you approach the game with proper mindset, the game becomes a great shooter that provides a lot of fun. 
«OST on repeat»
God Damn piece of disappointment. Bungie plez, do it better next time!!!
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
I was excited to play this game and was hoping it would exceed where Destiny 1 came short to keep my attention. Unfortunately this didn't change with the second one and I ended up leaving the game unfinished. While I do enjoy the loot system and customizing your character with new gear, it feels like you have the exact same items as other people your same level and class. I wish they would build on this and bring some more variety to the gameplay.
best co-op game ever!
«Can’t stop playing»
I’ll start with disadvantages. First off, I’d say this is the smallest expansion to date among all expansions to the series. Also, devs could make use of a couple months to refine the original game and release the expansion afterwards.

The game mechanics and environments are great, tho. It’s worth playing overall, just don’t expect much.
You can’t call that a MMO for that would be an insult the dying genre. Nor You can call that a shooter for that would be an insult for a few great games released. Nor you can call that an RPG for that it would be an insult for great games like Divinity 2 released this year. The only positive things here are great optimization and perhaps graphics. The gameplay is repetitive shooting against stupid AI, the campaign is boring to the point that you try to get through it as fast as possible. The game consists of 95% grinding and 5% dull content like weapons which just get reskinned with your level progression.
«Reviewers bribed»