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Timespinner review
by McStruthers

timespinner is a metroidvania with a clever plot, nostalgic art style, and tight controls. the time-control mechanic is cute, but could have used some more exploration. you have varied weapons, but some are vastly better than others out of the gate, and it's not worth grinding others to make them powerful unless you plan on sticking with it through NG+ rounds (assuming that's a thing - i don't plan on replaying because i have too many other games on the backlog). 

my biggest gripe is that the hardest difficulty you can play out of the gate is "Normal", and it's way too easy - locked difficulties are always a bad idea.

for an entry in the metroidvania genre , it's a strong contender. For what it's worth, I enjoyed this much more than Bloodstained.

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Review to Timespinner Timespinner May not be the best Metroidvania I've played to date, but it's definitely not one of the worst either. As a big Fan of this Genre, however, I found some Things, as far as the Genre is concerned, strange. For example, the Map is far less entangled in each other and more linear. Nor did it ever seem bombastic, like in Hollow Knight. In itself, I didn't care. Timespinner is just a smaller Metroidvania and that's fine. At least as far as the World Map is concerned, because the Mass of alternative Endings surprised Me towards the End. Especially because you don't have to completely replay the Game to see them, so that as a Curious person you get your Money's worth and can see all the Ends without a lot Of Time. I really liked That. I mean, you think to yourself that the Game is over because you'd seen the End Credits, but no, it goes further. Did I really like, as I said. A Lot of Things in Timespinner have been beautifully designed anyway. Be it the beautiful Pixel Art or the great Soundtrack! The Number of Enemy Species can Also be seen, although there are always two Variants: The Future and the Past. Yes, read correctly, because in Time spinner you can travel between Past and Future. It was not as good as in The Messenger, because in Timespinners only the Opponents, the Background and minimal the Maplayout changes. In The Messenger, on the other hand, the Soundtrack changes during a fluid Time Travel and the Pixel Type also changes from 16 to 8 Bits. Who shouldn't have the Game yet, necessarily buy it. Now I've moved off the Subject ... What I didn't like at all in Timespinner, however, was two Things. The Side Quests, which were really too plump at first and consisted only of Opponents spozing and the Fact that the Game is simply too simple. I never really had to deal with bosses "Attack patterns because even Bosses never really posed much of a danger. That's also because you can easily open your Inventory in Combat and give yourself Heilitems while the Game is paused. Occasionally there were sometimes more difficult Situations, but only because I once had too few Heilitems with me and even then you just bought some again and thus solved the Problem. Let's Just Get to the Pro-contra list for the fast starts among us: Pro: + The Soundtrack of Timespinner is everything! Cheerful, creepy, bombastic, relaxing. Choose something! + Pixelart has been quite successful! In General, I thought it was great that everything was kept quite gloomy. I really liked it! + You can place as many Markings, with different Colors, on the Map as you like! That was tremendously helpful! + There are quite a few Opponents and Bosses! A Total of 80 in number! + Some Opponent Designs appealed to me just as much + The Gameplay is fluid and there is no disturbing Input delay. That's how I like it! + In the entire Course Of the Game, there are no more Charging screens after an initial Loading Screen! Contra:-Some Side Quests can interfere-I never thought I'd complain about something like this, but the Game is too light ... The highest Degree Of Difficulty can only be unlocked after a first game run-It also bothered me that Bosses do not have any Display of life And you had to guess how long the Boss can fight back Prontra: +-The Game is unfortunately available Only in English +-At First the Bars at the Edges really bothered me, but I was surprised how quickly you get used to them and ignore them completely at some point +-Should I put on a new Garment, it will not be within The Game Is Happening, but only displayed in the Inventory. Except, of course, with the outfits you get at the alternative Ends +-Opponents respawn when Re-entering a Room. This can then become quite time-consuming when Exploring the World Map until you get the permanent Sprint and you hish past every Opponent! +-I would have liked that one could perhaps have zoomed into the Map, because everything was already kept quite small there +-The Control under Water is strange. It is the case that you can wax and jump underwater, instead of the classic swim Timespinner is a nice little Metroidvania, that you will have through in about 10-11 Hours. I wouldn't be worth that £19.99n. So I'd wait for a little Sale! I thank you for Reading and wish you a lot of Fun playing! ;-)