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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator review
by xXWoodinatorXx

This game was such a good find. It looks hilarious but it’s actually quite a good creative strategy game. I really enjoyed the challenges. The different units were very fun to play around with. I hope they continue to add to this game so I can play more.

Review update for the new levels:

This game is great. I was playing fallout 76 having a pretty meh time and then I switched to this and it’s so much better. Some of these simulation challenges are very difficult. I love the new cowboy units also.

Finished the simulator campaign also. This game keeps getting better. I’m very excited for more content.

Final Score: B+

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Finally it has appeared, at least in Early Access! But that doesn't matter because the Game is simply a humorous "war simulation"! Surely one of my little Favourites of 2019! If you are a Fan of Landfall or have a Battlesim, you can access it without hesitation!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Finally it's there, today coming out of School, Cell phone on and what do I see? TABS is now available to!!! Completely surprising, really hadn't expected and thought that this will continue, as I have been waiting for it for a long time. But it was worth it, it's so much fun. The Early Access Version already offers many Possibilities for Units or factions, Maps and Missions.Super graphics and physics, which was made so ' stupid ', which makes the Game so wonderfully great when you get the last one Seek At survivors who try to hit each other with their Weapons and:D them to become even more entangled. So definitely a must for a Casual Game, well out for the Time. The Fighters occasionally get stuck somewhere on Trees or Walls, but otherwise the Game has no annoying Flaws, let's put it this way, most Bugs are just as intentional;D. In any case, it can only be recommended to everyone. For the Prize, you GET GARNICTHING wrong.
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Early Access Review TABS Many seem to have waited forever for this Game, I didn't even know it existed. It is I think the Kind of absolutely oblique funny Physics and the actual Design that decided me to Buy. How can you come up with such a crazy Idea to present a Game of this Kind. In principle, you only select Faction as well as Units, place them and look at what the funny ' Battle Simulator ' gives the best. A few Commands or your own control of a Unit in ' First Person ' would have been beautiful, of course. Simple Commands that might have been given to Units when Placed, such as ' Hold position ' or ' Grab Unit '. It's ' EA ' and that's why you should show Tolerance. I'm not too disappointed because I Hope that still has a lot of Updates to come. It can already be seen from the Group's Selection that 3 other Groups are planned. One often reads that I think Asia, Pirates, Napoleon come. I have already seen on ' Youtube ', which you are working on a ' First Person ' control with Success. just Check out some LP's or keep you informed in general. There's something going on for sure! I say thumbs up, Buy Recommendation. Only thing that makes me personally thoughtful is the funny but also quite short ' Duration of Motivation ' for me, since you currently only act as a passive Spectator in this Game. I hope ' First Person ' will be integrated then everything fits.