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Crackdown 3 review
by xXWoodinatorXx

Not well done, and actually quite embarrassing for how long it was in development, but at the same time I had more fun with Crackdown 3 than I thought I would. It’s a simple game but what it has going for it is the vertical design. The mobility in this game (especially later in the game) is actually quite fun. I enjoyed hunting for orbs and enjoyed doing the climbing challenges and I don’t always do those types of tasks in games. The middle section of the map that’s filled with gigantic towers is the best part. The campaign also wasn’t that long so it didn’t overstay it’s welcome. That being said it has many flaws including a nonexistent story, a complete waste of terry crews, very simple gun play that is only saved because the mobility adds to it, and a lack of guns or perks of any kind. This style of game just might be dated, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think they just did a poor job and are lucky that some of the core ideas behind this game are still pretty fun.

Final Score: B+

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If we take into account that I did not buy this game, but played it through a game pass subscription, then the game is not so terrible.I went through the plot and unlocked all the points except the radio stations, it was quite fun.But what I didn’t like was the strange physics of objects, and there is no auto-pushing to the cracks of objects, because of this you will fall 5 times when climbing onto any building, simply because the character does not catch on the ledge. IRRITATING.It seems that the game does not position itself as something serious, but moments are unpleasant moments (for example, killing the last boss). I did not play in the previous parts, so I just may not understand something.In general, my opinion: the game will go with beer😉
«I could make it better»