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City of Brass review
by GameItAll

If there is one genre that I feel is difficult to make a bad game out of it, it is the Rogue-lite. Rogue-lites are meant to be hard out of the gate, eventually allowing your character to get better, evolve with the mechanics given and allow players to eventually get better before dying and starting all over again. It is a tried, tested, and true formula that just works no matter what the case, making a frustrating death an enjoyable gameplay feature.

However, as much as it is difficult to make a bad game out of the genre, its hard to stay memorable. With each title in the genre looking for something to help it stand out and to keep bringing players back. For City of Brass, a new rogue-lite from Uppercut Games who team members consists of BioShock veterans, it attempts to find that uniqueness by setting itself as an Arabian Nights-inspired first-person hack’n’slash.

City of Brass has players take the role of a cunning thief out to pull the greatest heist of his time to obtain the fabled treasure hidden in the heart of a ruined city. The city itself is filled with countless treasures, traps and undead creatures out for blood, and will stop at nothing to protect the city’s treasure.

Like most Rogue-lite’s, this is pretty much where the story stops and the fun begins. The main mission is to get to the middle of the city and lift the curse, a task that is easier said than done, but also to fulfill your greed by collecting priceless treasures and walk out with as much money as possible.

Players are given at first a short sword and bullwhip for weapons and some rags for protection. The game is heavily focused on close combat with the sword being your primary source of combat, while the whip has a variety of uses, mainly it can push, pull and stun enemies allowing you to prepare for a follow-up slice or stab.

Other functions of the whip includes setting off traps to allow you some slight invulnerability to pass them, fling yourself from hooks to reach higher ground, and collecting treasure from afar, making it the most versatile item to have in your inventory. City of Brass forces you to play smart, with a limited amount of health it is so easy to die and have to start all over again, however those who use their environments well can use enemies to set off traps, fling vases filled with gun-powder or blow up a group of enemies gathered around a burning vase. There is enough in the world that can help and hinder your progress to keep each circle exciting as you continue to the center of the city.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a rogue-lite without upgrades. City of Brass is difficult however the more experience you gain from collecting treasures, the more you level up and gain new perks to take with you into the city upon death. Once inside the city, you’ll have to improvise and use some of that loot to pay helpful genies to provide other helpful perks.

These perks include armour that freezes opponents when you get hit, longer whips, new swords with varying length and strength, the ability to turn off traps and health upgrades/restores. Sadly anything you buy in the city does not carry with you upon death, forcing you to start with the basics each time.

City of Brass is unforgiving when it comes to difficulty, but at the same time it attempts to be fair with it. If you die in City of Brass it is likely that you stumbled into a trap for being to careless or were hit by a charging skeleton that you couldn’t get out-of-the-way fast enough, either way its pretty much your own fault.

There is plenty to enjoy with City of Brass, with tight controls, plenty of traps, unforgiving difficulty, and plenty of secrets to discover. However its hard to say if the game is one that will keep you coming back for more treasure hunting after some time has passed, while the game has a lot of the core elements of great rogue-lite, its longevity depends on how much you enjoy using the bullwhip and how tolerant you are to dying.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»

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Gameplay feels fun at certain points but the difficulty is out of place with today's standards.
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Early Access Review Story about "1001 Nights". The Copper city is a place that does not forgive mistakes and is ready to punish you, once in a while, until you realize that you are nobody here and this is not your home. Who are you a hero or an adventurer? Did you come for riches or cleanse this city of Vice? About history. The Story line, as such, is not in the game. We are acquainted With the state of affairs in the world of the game during the training. In Short, there was a rich country and the same inhabitants, but at some point everything went down the slope, the city was doomed on the curse, the food was scarce, and the wealth decided to protect, not knowing from whom. You have to act not as an adventurer, but as a hero who will save this city from the curse and help the souls to find their peace. Can your hero stay alive and not be tempted? About The combat system: I Expected more, and so I have a little mixed impressions. It seemed to Me that there is no common unity between me and the sword, it is not always clear whether your weapon can get to the enemy or not enough millimeters. It is sometimes difficult to Fight enemies, but it is an early version of the project, and it is possible to finish it and everything will become much more sophisticated in this regard. Battles are far from smooth, because of this spoils the whole impression, because, the farther, the more you start to get angry, and you wonder why I beat enemies, when it is easier to run through the doors and go to a new level? Yes, in this system there are pluses, for example, in the left hand the character squeezes a whip which can do all sorts of Nishtyaki: stuns enemies, knocks out arms from hands, knocks off legs, activate traps, splits objects A-La jugs and boxes. You will also be able to use improvised means, for example, various lanterns, which in contact with the enemy is set on fire and accordingly gradually kill, and often immediately. About opponents and traps: In The role of opponents is not to live on different tastes, for example: The exhausted soul of the game with a box on the head, the usual skeleton armed saber, Bony mages and Gina, who snarled fire in everything that moves on the battlefield. An Interesting element of the game is the traps that act as helpers and enemies. You can not notice them and will pay for it with their lives, and during the fight can level your chances, luring enemies to the penalty. The Mechanisms are located mainly on the walls and on the ground. About the city and its curse: Passing the threshold of the city, you must realize that it is a game of survival and no one will let you out of here alive. Sands and riches at every step, and noble Jinn sell a variety of goodies that can be purchased for the money found or for your desires. The genie's Buns are different, ranging from a strong whip, ending with the call of a companion, who blows the heads of enemies to cheer. As It was already mentioned, the city is very unfriendly to travelers and tries to harm us and take our soul to itself, but it Chertovski beautiful, although some places still need to be finalized. About The Diary: The Diary gives you a lot of useful statistics, which is updated after each played game. You can see what enemies you have met, how many of them you have killed or on the contrary how many times they have humiliated you, how many times you have been kidfed with vessels and lanterns and so on. How to complicate your life even stronger? The game has "Wrath of the Gods" is such a challenges for those who did not have the pain and suffering on ordinary difficulty. You can increase the health and damage of enemies in half, add traps if you think they are small, as well as increase the speed of moving your opponents. About the picture and music: Some mistakenly associate the project with such hits as Prince of Persia and Aladdin, but if there are similarities, then only in the setting and picture. The Visual component at quite a decent level, and in general to spoil the graphonium on the engine Unreal Engine 4 should try. The Main thing is that all these vorota did not harm the optimization of the game, and so far there are no such prerequisites. I Liked the sounds of swords and whips, they sound natural, but above the rest should try. And also in the main menu a good sound, so calm and harmonious that calms the nerves after a lot of deaths. According to the results:-Controversial combat System-a Large variety of enemies, but minimal traps-Picturesque province with its interesting places and landscapes-Diary with interesting statistics-Generated levels and cool challenges with the mode "Wrath of the Gods" City of Brass is certainly an interesting and promising project. It is Also necessary to understand that the game is not cheap and is in early access. Buy or not? I would not advise you to hurry up with the purchase, try to follow a little bit of the game, how it develops, and understand whether you need it or not. More of our reviews on the curator page of the Special Games Club