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Super Seducer 2: Advanced Seduction Tactics review
by Averi Weir

I'm torn on this game because of its place in the zeitgeist of a post-#MeToo world but I will ultimately recommend it not only for its novelty but for its (whether intentional or not) deconstruction of the male fantasy; even when you win, the path that got you there is quite laughable in its absurdity. Much of the intentional humor is found in your primary playable character making a problematic ass of himself, while working tirelessly to be arrested for sexual misconduct. The game will chastise you for engaging in these behaviors. That said, it also begs you to witness the outrageous outcomes for yourself. Self-aware or not, I'd say this game should come with a heavy content warning for any victim of sexual misconduct. I would not be recommending it at all if I felt that the material threw stones down at victims. The men are never rewarded for shitty behavior in this game and if I had to criticize it, I'd say its irreverence toward its subject matter isn't always earned. 
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Translated by
Microsoft from French
Super seducer 2 is a good game, I will tell you its positives and its negative points. Positive points: 1. very good actors: whether for men and for women, all are very good actors (even those who do nothing in the background). You don't feel like you're witnessing something overplayed. 2. the most logical choices to the most fun: in this game, you have several choices to adapt to the situation. There are usually three types of choices: the right choices are the ones you have to take to try to make the appointment. The average choices, by choosing them you do continue the adventure but there are chances that the girl/the guy does not want to go on a date with you or decides to put in the friendzone. The wrong choices are those that should not be taken (otherwise you miss the Mission). In general they are quite easy to notice (like saying dirty things or masturbating in a flower pot). There are also very funny choices, certainly that sometimes will not be the good ones, but at least it changes games that want to take all the time seriously. 3. a good selection of chapters: there are not too many chapters in this game. They are all original and have (almost) all different characters to embody. Even if you haven't finished a level at 100% (having made all the choices, whether they are good or bad) you can move on to the next one. Negative points: 1. the false fittings: I saw some fake fittings in the game, and it breaks the realism side... ATTENTION, WHAT WILL FOLLOW IS GOING TO BE SPOIL! IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOIL, PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR MOUSE ON THE TEXT CENSORSHIP. In Chapter 5 (the stripe-tease clup), at the beginning you will play Cuphead. Finally, this is what I play makes you want to believe, but in truth if we look well it is a pre-recorded video. We can even see her continue when the police arrive and kill Richard. 2. subtitles: sometimes the subtitles in this game will have problems. Either letters will not be displayed (the é, è, à...), or they will not display at all or they are bad translations (which often happens in games with subtitles of another language). 3. the last chapter: 事实上, 最后一章 (在寿司店) 只是中国人 (或者是日本人, 对不起, 如果我犯了一个大错误) 。 因此, 如果你不懂会说这种语言, 那你处于劣势 。 谢谢谷歌翻译 。 Conclusion: If we forget his faults, Super seducer 2 is a very good game at the same time humourtistic but which also gives drag tips in several situations (at work, in the restaurant...) I advise you to buy it if you want to laugh, or to learn how to properly flirt girls;-) Rating: 15/20