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DOOM Eternal review
by NafaryusDestiny

I can't recommend this game solely because of Marauders. They are the single worst designed enemy in any DOOM game to date. As for the rest of the game, the level design is overall worse than DOOM 2016, and there's a tacked on progression system that feels like it locking you out of Doomguy's full kit. To get fully upgraded, you have to take a break from the action and go on a scavenger hunt around each level. Any one of these things would have been okay on their own, but all of it together makes this a subpar game when compared to 2016.

Some others have said the combat system itself is overloaded. I have to agree, but I don't see this as a negative. You absolutely HAVE to use all of the tools available to you, including several skills that are all on different cooldowns, in order to survive on the two hardest difficulties. This results in extremely frantic combat. I enjoy it, but I can see this being a downside for some. 

The level design is just... baffling? They kept the "arena" focused design of DOOM 2016, but made the arenas extremely difficult to navigate effectively, with pits to avoid, sticky goo that prevents you from moving, slower movement speed, a rechargeable dash, and monkey bars (?). I found myself distracted with the environment and hunting for ammo/trash mobs entirely too often. 

Subpar level design, tacky progression systems, terribly low ammo pools, and Marauders being overall terrible make DOOM Eternal a disappointment. 

I echo a lot of the thoughts in the following review. I strongly recommend reading it if you're interested in DOOM Eternal.

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Just amazing
«Blew my mind»
The pacing is to die for... over an over that is.
«Can’t stop playing»
It's fun, only 2 negatives which is ammo constraints and the marauder being pretty annoying. Other than that, play this and expect to enjoy ripping and tearing
This game is DOOM 2016 on absolute steroids. Just when you thought Doom couldn't get any crazier, here's Eternal! Gore is gorier, guns are boomier, music is darker, and boss fights are bigger. The cutscenes turn me off a little bit, but this game really is everything you'd ever want in a Doom game.
An amazing game that comes up just short of being exceptional due to a couple decisions made around combat: the game is just as fast paced as its predecessor, but it adds in several layers of resource management. You always need to keep track of health, armor, ammo, and ability timers during battle, all while trying to hit challenge goals and progress through the game. Instead of the raw "rip and tear" power fantasy of the first game, you spend most of your time in the later levels running in circles around the arenas just to pick off a couple zombies for health. While the base stuff under all that is still amazing—the guns, the sounds, the enemy design, the arena design—you're ultimately too busy to truly enjoy it most of the time.
I love how DOOM Eternal kicks it up a few notches from the last game. There's a few changes I think are questionable, but overall I like how things are more complex. You really gotta work your way into becoming a bad ass and it's so rewarding when you get on that level.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
Favorite Thing: Great, fast-paced combat and an interesting enough story to keep me going.
Least Favorite Thing: The Marauders, by far. "Let's take our fast paced game and slow it down by making an enemy where you have to stand still in just the right place". Brilliant.

Playtime: ~ 15h
Date Completed: 2020-04-09
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: If you like shooters, it's better than most. If you don't like shooters, it's still worth a try.
Major challenge is here for those looking for it as well as a power trip with mindless ripping and tearing if that’s what you prefer. The accessibility options make Doom Eternal an easy recommendation for everyone. The only real drawback is the platforming that just slows the action down and the multiplayer leaves a lot to be desired and the match making dried up fast. Still I highly recommend Doom Eternal.
«Just one more turn»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Revolutionary FPS, added an unexpected amount of depth to the gameplay formula of DOOM (2016), to create a strategic, demanding, dynamic and incredibly satisfying game.
«Blew my mind»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
The story takes a different turn than the last Doom. It introduces all these different levels of society with demons and demon slayers that we didn’t see in the last. Much more fantasy and less sci fi. I like the change up, I like that they did something unique, but at first I didn’t like it as much as the simpler demons on mars story in the first. As I kept playing it grew on me. By the end I was really enjoying the fun absurdity of this story. The little bits of the lore here and there are pretty dumb if you read them.

The art style and graphics are very well done. The gory kills are very creative. There are a lot of unique kills that are either funny, gruesome or both. After the intense fights if you take a moment to look at the environments they are well done as well. Lots of cool giant dead demons and other things. The visuals and atmosphere are impressive.

Gameplay is very fast paced, constantly hectic and feels great. Its the most chaotic and difficult shooter I’ve played in awhile, and maybe ever. If you stay still for even a moment you are most likely going to die. I’m playing on the ultra-violence difficulty but it is very difficult. Multiple battles I  have thought “this is impossible“ but then I beat it, and the next one is even harder. The first fight with a marauder was ridiculous. I died so many times and it’s only vs the one marauder. The last one I did I wrecked him. Put him in a blender in the middle of a big battle. That improvement gives this game a strong sense of accomplishment that makes the frustrating times worth it. There are some frustrating times but not too many and they occurred more often at the beginning of the game for me. By the end I was dieting once or twice on tough sections but not 10 times. The platforming and puzzles are pretty fun. I like the addition.

You need to look at your map lots in this one because there are so many hidden areas you need to get to in order to actually do all the fights and find all the items. This took a bit of time for me to get used to because I don’t remember having to search like this in the last game. On a few occasions I couldn’t find areas and had to google it because I was getting frustrated but it didn’t happen too often.

This isn’t a fault of the game but I needed a very specific mood to play doom eternal, and I didn’t play for long sessions. Usually 1-2 hour periods and after that my enjoyment starts to get reminiscing returns. It’s because it is so difficult and demanding. After a long day of work this game is too much. Again, not a criticism of the game because I am really enjoying playing it in these 1-2 hour bursts when I’m in the mood. The exception is the last 4 or so hours that I played in one go. It was some of my favourite parts because by that point I had so many upgrades and all the different guns so I started to die less and less. Doom Eternal was a fantastic shooter that did not reach the same heights as Doom 2016 but was very enjoyable nonetheless and I respect them for making some noticeable changes.

Score: A-