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DOOM Eternal review
by NafaryusDestiny

I can't recommend this game solely because of Marauders. They are the single worst designed enemy in any DOOM game to date. As for the rest of the game, the level design is overall worse than DOOM 2016, and there's a tacked on progression system that feels like it locking you out of Doomguy's full kit. To get fully upgraded, you have to take a break from the action and go on a scavenger hunt around each level. Any one of these things would have been okay on their own, but all of it together makes this a subpar game when compared to 2016.

Some others have said the combat system itself is overloaded. I have to agree, but I don't see this as a negative. You absolutely HAVE to use all of the tools available to you, including several skills that are all on different cooldowns, in order to survive on the two hardest difficulties. This results in extremely frantic combat. I enjoy it, but I can see this being a downside for some. 

The level design is just... baffling? They kept the "arena" focused design of DOOM 2016, but made the arenas extremely difficult to navigate effectively, with pits to avoid, sticky goo that prevents you from moving, slower movement speed, a rechargeable dash, and monkey bars (?). I found myself distracted with the environment and hunting for ammo/trash mobs entirely too often. 

Subpar level design, tacky progression systems, terribly low ammo pools, and Marauders being overall terrible make DOOM Eternal a disappointment. 

I echo a lot of the thoughts in the following review. I strongly recommend reading it if you're interested in DOOM Eternal.

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Review in Progress:
The story takes a different turn than the last Doom. It introduces all these different levels of society with demons and demon slayers that we didn’t see in the last. Much more fantasy and less sci fi. I like the change up, I like that they did something unique, but so far I don’t like it as much as the simpler demons on mars story in the first. If that makes sense.

The art style and graphics looks great. The gory kills are very creative and there are lot of unique kills. The visuals are impressive.

Gameplay is very fast paced and constantly hectic. If you stay still for even a moment you are surly to die. I’ve only played a couple sessions so far and I’m playing on the hard difficulty but it is very difficult. I didn’t do a good job finding the secret areas and fully upgrading doom guy for the first two levels so that might be why I feel a bit behind? But probably not. I do really like the gameplay, it is very challenging but I don’t feel it is impossible. The platforming and puzzles so far have been pretty fun. I like the addition.

Current Score: A-
DOOM Eternal is one of this years most highly anticipated games, and now that it's out, it does not disappoint. If you thought the 2016 DOOM was insane, just wait til you play this one.

Taking place after the 2016 game, DOOM Eternal takes the fight to Earth as you once again play as the Doom Slayer to bring an end to the demonic threat once and for all. Story-wise this game is surprisingly detailed, giving Doom Slayer an origin and plenty of interesting lore if you're interested. It's told through some of the many collectibles throughout the game, each one telling you a deeper story as you progress. It's also quite a bit longer than the first DOOM, so there's more to enjoy!

While the first game pretty much went back and forth between Mars and Hell in levels that, honestly, all looked pretty similar. The level designs were still great, but could've used more variety. DOOM Eternal on the other hand had a lot more variety. Worlds and levels are each unique and different, and level designs are also more plentiful. On top of some beautiful graphics, it's easy to stop and stare at each new landscape.

The game-play still includes everything we loved about the first game, just cranked to eleven. You get more weapons, more demons, and more powers. It's also quite a bit harder than ever before. Instead of just blasting away at demons with everything you got, there's a more strategic element to this game. Enemies now have weak points, certain weapons that're more effective, and overall each demon should be gone about individually. It requires a lot of quick thinking and reflexes. On top of that enemies are just stronger, especially the new ones. Eternal is unforgiving in it's difficulty spike, but overall so rewarding once you breathe that sigh of relief after an intense battle is won. 

Another unique feature to the game is the Fortress of Doom, which is essentially a home base for you to go to after each mission. You can use items found throughout each map to unlock new bonuses, as well as to test your skills in the training arena. Along to way you'll find cool collectibles from toys to records to show off in your new base.

You can tell the developers put a ton of effort and care into this game. While a lot of the simplicity of DOOM (2016) is preferred for me personally, most of what the franchise has to offer has been surpassed in this wonderful, gory, and insane piece of work. 

Rating: 9/10
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Doom Eternal is the only FPS as good as Doom Eternal
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