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Gunhouse review
by Oakley

This is actually a lot of fun and pretty addicting once you fully grasp the mechanics. It gets really hard and I failed quite a bit, but I don't think I ever had a true "fuck this game" moment where I wanted to quit and it was always satisfying once I overcame the challenge. I got this as a free game of the month on PSN and yeah I'd be pretty disappointed if I paid more than $10 but I wouldn't mind giving $5 to support the developers. I played multiple sessions, but it does feel lacking in content and doesn't have the endless replay value it boasts itself to have, though I might eventually come back to it over time if I really needed something to play. I like the art style, I think the cartoonishness would hold up over time. If a sequel with more content came out for a fair price, I'd check it out. It's a memorable underrated gem imo.
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