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Fallout 76 review
by Aj Murray

Fallout 76 was & is a pretty major disappointment. As a pretty big fan of the franchise, I wasn't into the idea of a multiplayer game and the bad reviews & glaring bugs didn't calm my worries either. I avoided the game but one day at my local CEX, I saw the game going for a measly £10. My morbid curiosity got the better of me and I decided to finally give it a go. 

First off, lemme go over the positives because this game while nowhere near the standards I look for in a Fallout game, there are some genuine strong points here. One of them is the game's map. 76's map is pretty massive and is broken up in multiple parts that are all unique and feature a large variety of enemies. The Mire especially helps the game's aging engine look pretty as hell.

The gunplay is pretty identical to Fallout 4 so no complaints there. It's pretty easy to master and plays just well enough even if it doesn't feel particularly fresh or exciting.

The negatives mostly outweigh the positives though. The game is just far too buggy to really enjoy. It's laggy & choppy most of the time and just doesn't feel like a smooth game. It more so feels like a game that has been stitched together but the thread is falling apart. There's various sources online that claim that the game was heavily rushed and honestly, it shows. This isn't what a Fallout game should be. 

At most, Fallout 76 is an acceptable game to play casually while listening to music or a podcast. Anything else though, it just isn't a good time & Bethesda should know better than to release this clearly unfinished product. 

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Yeah they made it good! There are still game breaking bugs then you need to restart the game or rejoin but idc about it. Appalachia radio and classic radio are fire! Just need more musics. With friends this a very good game now. (I recommend a heavy gunner pa build and you will be a god)
«Can’t stop playing»
the culmination of all wrong in fallout 4  
Fallout 76 simply isn't for me. It's past failings have forever tainted it for me. Even when trying to look past its past issues I still can't say that I find much to be enjoyable here. All of the quest that my friends and I tackled were extremely dull, albeit with one exception; when we stormed a stronghold of bandits. Also, I didn't really know what we were even doing as I had to choose to either listen to my friends or listen to whatever dialogue was being spoken, and I often found myself listening to friends as that was far more interesting. Gameplay is pretty much the same as Fallout 4 except that Vats doesn't slow time down, so do with that what you will.

Maybe the game gets more fun later on, but, I played for over six hours and had next to none. A lot of these "MMO" type games don't lead with their best foot forward. You always have to trudge through the mediocre content to get to the best and I simply don't understand why (other than laziness). To reiterate, Fallout 76 may get better after many hours, but from what I played, I do not feel the urge to push further.
«Waste of time»
This is not and was never meant to be one of big fallout games. This is the game to chill with your friends and have a good time doing some fun stuff. I played more than 2k hours with my wife and buddies and had a lot of fun. If you like to play alone and don't wanna socialize - this is not for you.
It's good now, I swear!
Yes, the developers gave us a return to childhood, and the opportunity to play with friends. Yes, they disappointed us in the process)
Journal Style Review:

The graphics are awful!!! Very bad. Looks very old. 
I’ve had lag early on which is a bit lame.

Oof so I’ve played the first few hours solo and my first impression is this game is awful, but I’m still into it for the time being. I’m learning the survival aspects of the game and it’s entertaining enough. But I’m finding the combat awful. The world is laggy, everything seems to take a half second to register. The world is empty and boring. The quests have been generic and boring. My favourite stuff has been the crafting parts.

The gameplay and graphics and world look so bad. I just played prey which had bad graphics and poor gameplay and this one is arguably worse in both aspects. Which is ridiculous when you think about it. It shouldn’t be allowed. But fortunately a post apocalyptic survival rpg game is a very fun concept. And I havnt played an online game really like this so I’ll give it a shot. 

The enemy AI is so incredibly bad. Absolutely awful. I’m looking forward to playing online with Hayden though. I still think that will be fun despite this game’s huge flaws.

Sometimes you can’t click on people to talk to them and you have to mash it for like 30 seconds for it to register. It’s a piss off.

What was the last Bethesda game I played that I actually thought was great? Skyrim probably. 

Definitely more enjoyable playing with someone else in the world. The base building and defending and resource generation is pretty fun.

A main story line quest glitched and now I can’t complete it. I googled it and this is a known thing. Am I not able to finish the main quest line now? That’s some major bullshit. This game is soooooo buggy.

K I need to be honest. Even though this game has so many pretty big issues.... I still played 7 hours on my day off. And the next day I was still excited to jump back in....So clearly it’s doing something I like.

The game is growing on me a bit. I couldn’t tell you why. Something about the game is very addicting. It’s satisfying leveling up my character.

I can’t believe how poorly this things runs. It looks this rough and it’s super laggy. Load times are bad. And I even can’t progress the main story any further because of a glitch in the game. And it’s a known glitch they just haven’t fixed it yet. Somehow I’m still having fun though. I finally think I’ve figured out how to actually play the game. At the beginning of a decent play session you need to fully set up a nice workshop, or whatever those other bases are called, with as many resources collector buildings as possible. Then you wander the wasteland and return before signing off to pick up the resources. I’m about to start really bringing in resources. 

I love the mole people area. It’s the best. Such a cool vibe. It looks the coolest by far and it has had the best enemies to fight. This piece of garbage game is actually pretty fun at times. I’m getting into it. I don’t feel like stopping anytime soon, I’m lvl 21 currently. Probably will go till 50.

The map is actually not bad. It’s huge, probably too big honestly because it’s so empty. But there are a lot of different areas with at least subtle different vibes. And because you need to pay to fast travel unless you do it between CAMPS and workshops, the map feels even bigger.

It sucks when you have quests in an area but the level is loaded on someone waaaay higher than you. I cant do anything against level 45 and 60s when I’m a level 24. So I have to either run or leave. It’s lame.

My combat strategy is finding awkward rocks or trees that the creatures get confused behind so I don’t get hit. Pretty lame when you think about it.

The game has been losing me. The performance is always poor. The gunplay has grown very stale and it’s getting repetitive. I think I’ll mostly just play when Hayden is online. I hope they put that update out that makes the levels appropriate for all players.

I think the main reason I’m finding the game more boring is that my character isn’t progressing as fast anymore. I wish I was finding new gear more often.

I think I’m done. Or at least I’m waiting for the update that makes it so the levels are appropriate for my character. It isn’t fun roaming the wasteland when half the creatures are too high a level for me to fight. Practically all I’m doing is fetch quests. This is especially frustrating because I still can’t do any main story quests because the glitch.

This game is a high B. There were roughly 10 ish hours of pretty solid entertainment despite this game’s glaring flaws, but there has been a lot of frustration and boring hours as well. Im done playing this single player until they either fix the main story glitch, or add the update that makes enemy levels appropriate. I’ll play with Hayden if he wants to play.

Concise Review:

Amazing: nothing is even close

Great: nope nothing

Good: weird sense of satisfaction from leveling up my wastelander, survival mechanics, base building

Fine: resource management system, crafting, perks system

Bad: quest flavour and design, gets repetitive (a lot of running from place to place with nothing interesting in between)

Awful: everything about the visual presentation, gunplay is horrendous, enemy AI, very buggy, very laggy, game breaking main story line glitch, ridiculous enemy levels that completely waste your time

Final Score: B
Rented this one from Redbox. To say this game is a mess would be an understatement
«Buggy as hell»
Horrible optimisation, missions and players. New op update with overpriced member ship (£99 a year), horrible updates. Do not buy even if your life depends on it. It really is as bad as people say it is.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
I absolutely love the fallout series, they always seem to have the best stories, people and companions; along with a great set of missions to do! However fallout 76 kinda fell flat for me, the game is great and I do love it but it lacks luster with its missions; it gets repetitive and has you do the same things over and over again with the main storyline being pretty short and lack luster as well.

The other main issues; although fixable is the bugs! Some of the bugs make the game unplayable I’m certain aspects with consent disconnecting or crashing and freezing 
«Can’t stop playing»
«Sit back and relax»