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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review
by XV

After playing a lot of Smash 4, you'll find yourself quite familiar with Ultimate's mechanics and tweaks but it also has some things that may shake your ground a little.

Initially, the gameplay feels incredible and more polished than ever, a lot of characters feel so different (except for the "echo" ones for obvious reasons) and in its massive roster, you'll mostly find at least one character that is suitable for your playstyle. Everything in this game is massive to the point that is overwhelming, you have a lot of stages, characters, music, options, etc. a lot of them are originally from past games but they're updated to the point that they feel fresh and new, also, the fact that they're adding a lot of content with the season pass it is just amazing. There are several game modes to play this game, there's a pseudo story mode which is serviceable but not as memorable like space emissary in Brawl, you can play classic modes and obviously multiplayer, also, an addition that I really like and I have spend hours on it, is that now you can set up the massive soundtrack to every stage of your liking, is not perfect but it's cool.

Although I'm certain that this is the best Smash game to this point, it has also things that keep it from being a masterpiece, the bigger one might be its online play, from matchmaking to playing with friends, is quite bothersome, in matchmaking often you'll fight with rules that you didn't apply, for example, I like to play in final destination only, zero items, stock, etc. but at least 2/6 fights I'll play on battlefield with items or timer, it doesn't sound like a big issue but trust me it really is, I'm not criticizing anyone's playstyle but what I'm trying to say is that nobody wins. Another issue on matchmaking is that if you find someone that you want to fight over and over, you're stuck with the character you choose, unlike in Smash 4 where you could switch between chars to make things more fun, it makes no sense. Its worth note that playing online with friends is also a hassle and it has its fair amount of issues but let's leave it at that.

There are several nitpicks that maybe I'm the only one in this, as I told you, the roster is massive but you literally start with the original roster of 8 characters, and you have to unlock every one of them, they're not that hard to unlock mind you, but it keeps you from playing your mains for at least some hours, if this wasn't an all-star game I wouldn't have a problem with this, but its kind of pointless and frustrating to wait at times. Finally, I know that I'm alone in this one, but I liked a lot the customization mechanic of special moves they introduced in Smash 4, I know that they were banned in professional tournaments but from a semi-hardcore point of view, they added a lot of fun, I hope that they have a comeback of some sorts in the future or future entries.

When all is said and done, and every character is at your disposal, be prepared to have an incredible time, especially when playing with friends locally or online (forgetting some issues there mind you). Smash Bros has this amazing quality that it doesn't matter that you're not great in fighting games, you'll certainly find a character or a playstyle you'll like the most in here and when you have that moment after an 8 player battle where you are the last one standing, it's truly glorious. Smash Bros Ultimate is a must for every Nintendo Switch owner, period, even when I have problems with it, they feel so minimal in comparison to its positive things.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Better with friends»
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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12/10 - A MASTERPIECE of the fighting games!
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»
This may be my favorite game EVER, and one of my most played. The combat is silky smooth and perfect for all skill levels whether it's at a party with first-timers or competing with friends, this game is welcoming for all. All this not even considering the oogles of characters, stages, music, new mechanics that pushes this series to its absolute limits.
While the online functions can be laggy, nothing beats this game for a good old group smash fest.
«Just one more turn»
I feel i'm one of the few people who isn't a huge fan of this one. I am a massive fan of the last installment but in my opinion the lack of singleplayer content really brings this down. The story mode 'World of light' which i was hoping to be a sucessor to the very fun 'Subspace Emissary' from Brawl., ended up being abysmal and very dissapointing. While it is amazing how they brought every character back aswell as some very cool new ones such as Ridley and K Rool, i also feel the bar has been lowered more so than Smash 4 which was infamous for adding alot of pointless, unneeded characters.
The classic couch co-op party game returns, and this time the Super Smash Bros have really outdone themselves. With 74 characters to choose from (not counting the amazing DLC characters), every single player will find someone to play as who matches their style. Whether it's classic franchise mainstays like Mario and Fox, or new characters for this game like Incineroar and Ryu, there's certainly something for everyone and enough possibilities to prevent the gameplay from ever growing stale. In a way, I hope that this is the last Smash game, because everything is perfect. The characters, the moves, the stages, the music, the story mode. It's all so good, and makes me wonder how Nintendo is ever going to top this.
«Can’t stop playing»
«Better with friends»
Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a great if lacking game. All of the core multiplayer components are here, making it as fun as ever with a 70+ character roster, and tons of stages to boot. However core modes like Home Run Contest, Target Smash, and Event Match are completely absent. The story mode ‘World of Light’ is fun, but it gets repetitive after a short while.
My Score: 75%
I have over 600hrs in this game......I cant stop playing.....
«Can’t stop playing»
As a more casual fan of the series (I don't follow the competitive scene at all) Ultimate is just about everything I could want in a Smash game. I am very happy that they brought back every character and almost every stage return along with a few newcomers who are all welcome editions. This is as perfect a couch multiplayer party experience as you can find. My only real problem is the story mode gets a bit repetitive, and in general not holding a candle to Brawl's Subspace Emissary. In all other regards however this is a much better game than that or 4.

+ Everyone is here (characters + stages)
+ Visually gorgeous and strong performance
+ More offensive gameplay and better offstage play
+ Listening to fans with additions (Squad Strike, Hazard toggle, etc)
+ Great selection of new characters (Ridley, Inkling, K Rool, Simon)
+ World of Light does a lot with little
+ Music selections
+ Portable play is so awesome

- World of Light repetitive/too long
- Missing modes (homerun contest, stage builder) ; could be patched
- Not many new stages
- Some halfbaked new additions (morphing+meter)