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Killer Instinct review
by Kane Smith

An amazing fighting game, I love the long combo strings and the amazing cast of characters. all the characters are over-flowing in personality and well character. The long combo strings are really satisfying, but overall my favorite part of the game is the guy that goes C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!
Ísak Agnarsson
Killer Instinct and Bloody Roar are the best fighting games, Samurai was realy good too. Good taste my man

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Favorite fighting game of all time. What an absolute gem.

It came to point where my buddy and I would just sit casually in training mode for hours testing moves, combos and game mechanics while browsing the excellent guide (at and just trying and figuring characters out.

Great and easy-to-play for casuals, but extremely competitive at the high level to its depth and innovative gameplay mechanics.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
really fun fighting game, and if you need to bolster your gamerscore, this is a great place to start.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
In my Eyes a successful Game offers quite good Look not Breathtaking But neat. Runs also under win 8 since it was at release called Win 10 only was the Game ticked off for me for a long Time. Playfully quite varied offers a whole Lot of Possibilities. Character Design and Animations are very successful even if the Selection Of fighters is partly repeated ... There is a lot of Unlockable The Story is well told however quite short. Soundtrack is outstanding beinhatlet even KI2. The Combos are damn fast, which makes the SPiel Event very dynamic. However, the Euphoria consumes itself quite quickly ... The Final Animations of the Fighters are also partly only available in one Variant. Good are the Goldskins. You have to unlock Or earn other things with AI Gold. I can convince The Game, Characters Revisions are partly a taste thing ... Even gives a Cameo Character. The Shadowlord variante is quite nice, but looks more like a Game of chess. A good Investigator, however, who repeats itself too quickly. I didn't test online game because I mainly played VS and Story missions. Priced at €40 in Order €7am for the Soundtrack which is very electronic. Since the Game was a Launch title for the xbox one, it was also quite long exclusive to have only there, so I am pleased that it also appeared for PC. Technically, all but a few Framedrops, were constantly rerying at 60fps. A few Soundbugs have caught my eye, like occasional whistling and stuttering. Oh yes and the Loading Time of the Fights is extended when all the Details have been set to High. Here and there, the Menu guide also takes a little longer or has a few Errors. Controller Support is excellent with both ps4 controller wireless and xbox360 contoller wired.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Disclaimer-This Review only serves for the Single-player Mode Story-Bad As with almost every Beat em up ... Gameplay-many different Modes and many Characters that all play differently, an interesting Combat System and many Challenges it is called to master. A Level Up System for your Account AND FOR each other Characktere, offline and online Will not be disconnected! Combat System is easy to learn and hard to master with good Learning Curve. Graphics-The Characktere and the Surroundings have succeeded and the different Worlds (21 Pieces) Don't get bored as the Background is "alive" (can't affect the Fight) music-Each Stage has its own Soundtrack, which you can do through the Retro Soundtrack Replacing can be replaced as far as you have unlocked This, the Soundtrack in itself is very good for Beat em up ratios (Hold no Super Smash Bros. still very good) Control-Attacks are executed again ala Street Fighter? ↘ → this works a lot better here than in the Known SF. With The Kombo Help, Beginners can get into it faster and without this Help, Professionals can stand out from the Beginners, as you have a lot more Options without this Help. Pros: + Great Charackter Rooster + Through The Modis lots of Single-player Gameplay + Good Map Design with matching Music + All Chars play different + Easy for Beginners To come into Play + A lot of air up for Professionals Cons:-A lot goes easier who you can get real Money into The Sp iel (additional) plugs in-Schwachsenly and boring Storyplot-(for online Players) online caum/No activity conclusion-It's a very good Beat em up, which to my Amazement surprised me very much (in positive) who is a Game ala Street Fighter x Mortal Kombat wants to play (which is better Steered) is just right here. The Variety of different Modes, beautiful Map design And Character Variety, doesn't make the Game boring anytime soon. Would I recommend it? Yes, I bought it in the Sale and honestly wouldn't pay €37th for it but for €25/less the Game is (in my Eyes) a must. Since you have 2 Hours of the Game to exchange, I would suggest the Versus mode to you and the Characters: Riptor, Hisako and Maya.
A faithful and fun recreation of the original classic. Recently released on Steam, which is the best way to get this game. If you aren't experienced at Killer Instinct (as 99% of people aren't), make sure you turn on the combo assistance feature.